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California by Raine Glover

No description


on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of California by Raine Glover

" The Golden State!"

Geography of California
California is home to many geographic location it is so hard to choose! This includes the great Sequoia Sempervirens ( They are just Redwoods ) they are the biggest and prettiest trees and best camping grounds. Also, The Sierra Nevada's they are a group of mountains located in the farther part of the California Coast! Then we have Death Valley. Death Valley is located East of the Sierra Nevada's. The thing I find most biazzare is that you can take a "guided tour" around Death Valley sue hope those people know what they are talking about!!!!
Economy Of California
Welcome to the Ritz Carlton Lagoona!

This is the Ritz Carlton Lagoona! This is one of the most expensive hotels in California! The rate for 1 night is $295+ and it is a 5 star hotel! There are many locations! *****

** Thank You Gwenyth **
History of California
Government of California
Welcome to the California State Capitol!

This is the California state capitol! This is a museum/capitol building. The capitol is open 8am-6pm.
California by Raine Glover
10 facts about California
1 The Highest RedWood tree got up to 300+ feet.
2. Alpine County is the 8th smallest county it does not have High Schools, ATMS, Dentists, Banks, and Traffic Lights.
3. The Country Store in Baker has sold the most winning lottery tickets!
4. They have about 300,000 tons of grapes in California!
5. California's State Bird is the Quail
6. The California Redwoods are almost a Mrs. Fajohn (5th) arms spread out (2nd grade was when I deiscovered that fact)
7. The companies that bring in the most profit to California are Chevron, Hewlett Packard, McKennson, Wells Fargo, and Apple.
8. California is known for it's beaches.
9. There is a song called California Love by Tupac
10. A really odd law is that you can throw a frisbee at the beach in LA with lifeguards permisson.
Fun Location!!!!!
Welcome to The Truckee HGTV home 2014!!!

This is the HGTV home 2014 in Lake Tahoe, specifically in a small town Truckee. It took a year to build the house. The process of building the house was made a 1 season long show room by room. My mom entered to win this house 2 times but we did not win!!!
Economy of California:

California makes ALOT of wines. They have about 7.1 billion grapes.

History of California:

California first settlers were Native Americans. They were here here for 13000 to 15000 years.

Geography of California:

California's capital is Sacramento
Welcome to The Marshall Gold Discovery Site!

In 1848 James W. Marshall found the gold that started the California Gold Rush beginning in 1848-1855
California population is 38,292,687
California lowest point is Death Valley.
Government of California:

California is a democratic/republican state.
Governor Jerry Brown is a Democrat but California is s over ruled Republican state.
Thanks For Watching!!

cool thanks to....

all the people who helped me come
up with all the ideas like the Ritz
Carlton Hotel, and all the Epic Faces
300,000 tons of
Road Trip Distance

political map
Topigraphic map
County map
Weather Map
Marshall Gold Discovery Site to Sierra Nevada's is 209 mi 3hrs and 56min

Sierra Nevada's to California State Capitol is 234 mi 3 hrs and 55 mins

California State Capitol to The Ritz Carlton Lagoona is 441 mi 6hrs and 34 mins

The Ritz Carlton Lagoona to WCE is 1,041 mi 15 hrs and 2 mins

My Dream Room!!
Me Answering MY Door
That's me
That is my neighbor Randy
They also have gold on top there dome just like Colorado
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