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My Portfolio

No description

Maaz Mohiuddin

on 16 May 2018

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Transcript of My Portfolio

My Portfolio
My Phenomenal Portfolio
This is my portfolio from this year! Remember to Never Give Up!
Never Give Up
For example, in math when I got a bad grade, I did not let it put me down. Instead, I used this as motivation to do better and it worked. That quarter I ended up getting Headmaster's List.
What entry am I most proud of?
I am most proud of the time lapse of my map because it was something that I worked on all year. Almost all year we were working on our map and I thought it was torture. Now looking back, I can see that I am proud of myself for finishing it.

Many things make my portfolio unique. My portfolio is all about me and only me! All my achievements and assignments from the 7th grade are included. I believe that nobody puts in as much effort as I do in making sure all the assignments in my portfolio are done with 110% commitment.
Buying My Portfolio
People should buy my portfolio because of the diversity of my achievements, both academically and athletically.

Some examples of my unique portfolio are my I Am From poem and my Heritage Box. These show uniqueness because these assignments show not only where I am from, but also the pride I have in being from there.
My portfolio’s slogan is be "Never Give Up." It is this because throughout the year, if I ever struggled, I would never give up and I would keep trying.

For example, one of my achievements was to be selected for the Laker Awards for the second year in a row. I am proud of this award because I am being recognized for something that I did well.
Extracurricular Activities
Outside of the classroom I play football. I enjoy playing football because it lets me be competitive and show off my athleticism. Also, outside of the classroom I play basketball. During the 7th Grade season, I was part of the championship basketball team. I was proud of this accomplishment since I was the starting small forward for the season.

Here is the last play of our championship game where I dribbled out the clock.
By: Maaz Mohiuddin
What Separates Me?
What separates my portfolio from the rest of the 7th grade class is its wide range of achievements. Nobody in 7th grade has done so much in so many different aspects.

Aside from all of my personal achievements, what most makes me an essential member of 7th grade is that I try to help my fellow peers. Since I am always ahead, I like to help those that are struggling.

During the year, there were many artifacts in our portfolio that connected between classes.
Our Rights to the Amazon letter connects Geography and Science. It does this because in Geography we learned about the rainforest and in Science we learned about the importance of carbon footprints.
The "I Am From" poem connects Geography and Discovering Voice. It does this because in Discovering Voice, we learned about writing poems. In Geography we learned about culture and our heritage.
This year, I won my class spelling bee. Though I did not win it all this year, I won the middle school spelling bee while only in 4th grade.
My Story
My story shows how valuable I can be in many different ways. I have proven to be academically capable of handling any material I have been assigned this year. However, I am most proud of my ability to help others. For example, during our championship run in basketball I made sure to prioritize involving my teammates over my own stats. If I only focused on myself and didn't make sure those around me were also successful, my story would be incomplete. As the author of my own story, I hope to succeed while making sure others succeed as well.
Also this year, I won an award and a ribbon for Latin. I was very proud of this achievement as Latin was a new subject for me, but I felt that it came very easy.
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