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Ethanol Production From Corn

No description

Connor Thiel

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Ethanol Production From Corn

Double click anywhere & add an idea Process of How Ethanol is Made
Two Types Dry and wet milling and the difference is how the corn or starch is treated when it foirst starts to get processed
Companies are trying to find ways to reduce energy consumption and production costs, increase efficiency and reduce emissions using the best available technologies.
In dry milling the corn kernal is put through various stages of processing where various ingredients are added like ammonia, enzymes, and yeast.
With all the ingredients being added the mixture needs to ferment for 40 to 50 hours
After the fermenting process the mixture is put into to tanks where the ethanol is seperated from the solid particles and 5% gasoline is added to the ethanol so it is marked as undrinkable and not subject to beverage alcohol taxes.

Research Question:
How is corn ethanol made and formed into renewable energy Pros to Ethanol
creates less pollution
cleaner emissions
cheaper than regualr gas
reduses smog forming emissions
the product being used to make
ethanol absorbs the CO2
Cons To Ethanol
The price fluctuates whixh means the price of ethanol can either be much cheaper or much more expensive than regular gasoline
Ethanol contains much less energy than gasoline
Ethanol is mainly available only in the Midwest
Chemical Equations:
Chemical equations for this type of product would need to be balanced so nothing could go wrong and potentially ruin the whole product
Equation= C6H12O6 2C2H5OH + 2CO2

Impact on Myslef
will reduce amount of pollutants put into the ozone
create more stabel environment with less pollution
Impact on the World
when people go to buy gas for their cars
more gas being used caused by more people on the earth

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