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Elements of Art

No description

nate higbee

on 2 November 2015

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Transcript of Elements of Art

A mark with length and direction, created by a point that moves across a surface
Objects that have, or appear to have volume and mass (3D).
The quality that makes something red, green, blue, orange, etc
Elements of Art
The building blocks of an artwork. The elements of art are the visual components of line, shape, form, value, color, space, and texture.
A flat figure created when actual or implied lines meet to surround a space
How can line change the way an image feel?
Create a single descriptive line inspired by each word below.
Line Practice
blind contour line drawing
continuous line drawing
contour drawing with line variation
Shape Practice
in your sketchbook complete the following
-Draw as many geometric shapes in 1 minutes as you can think of

-Draw as many organic shapes in 1 minute as you can think of

Actual Form
Perceived Form
Form Practice
-Choose 3 geometric shapes that you created in your sketchbook and turn them into forms
-Choose 3 organic shapes that you created in your sketchbook and trun them into forms.
primary colors
secondary colors
tertiary colors
color wheel
complimentary colors
analogous colors
color practice
list the first thing that comes to mind when you see the following colors
The element of art that means the lightness or darkness of a figure.
Value Techniques
hatching (one direction)
cross hatching (2 directions)
Value Practice
Draw 4 circles on your reference sheet and then use the 4 different techniques to turn the circle into a sphere
The way a surface feels (actual texture) or how it looks like it would feel (simulated texture)
actual texture:
simulated texture:
Texture Practice
One your reference sheet create the following:
Find 2 actual textures in the room and create a rubbing to show the actual texture
Find 3 textures that you can view from your seat and try to draw them as simulated textures.
The empty or open area between, around, above, and below or within objects
Positive space: space and object takes up
Negative space: space in between/around an object
Techniques to create space
vanishing points
horizon line
Space Practice
create an example of space using one of the techniques we just learned about
create an example of positive/negative space
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