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Personal Lifelong Learning Plan

Tim Moe's Personal Lifelong Learning Plan for Technology.

Tim Moe

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of Personal Lifelong Learning Plan

Tim Moe's Personal
LifelongLearning Plan My greatest strength is my willingnes to try new things. My greatest weakness is my basic knowledge of technology. What is my plan to insure continued growth? Technology based Professional Learning Communities
Good relationship with our technology director.
Continue to reseaerch and play with new technologies on my own.
Use continuing educational opportunities.
In the short term I need to
stay up to date on the latest
technologies and how to implement that technology. My long term goal is to
make my students 21st
century learners. I need to form a learning
community around me to
learn as much as I can. In the building with the Principal,
The Technology Director and Technology
Teachers. And any other people in the
building who share an interest. Educators need to become 21st
century learners also using other
teachers, tech support from software
and information from blogs and other
websites to share knowledge of new
technologies. How to learn from a
learning community. Listen-to everyone: kids,other teachers, websites, etc.
Volunteer yourself to try new things: Software, Websites, go to seminars What do you need to learn
from your learning community. Where to find new resources through blogs, websites, and technology stores.
Google, Best Buy, www.freetech4teachers.com
Technology can help make things easier to teach while allowing for students to learn in a way that is pertinent for them to learn as 21st century learners. I'll know my Professional Learning Plan is successful if I'm able to stay on the cutting edge of technology while using that technology to keep my students as well as myself engaged in the materials we are learning about.
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