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Family History Project

No description

andy tai

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Family History Project

Tai's History
My granddad was born in Shanghai, but was originate from Hu Bei, China, where
my granddad's parents and his ansestors all lived. He was born in Shang Hai, but moved to HuBei, where his ancestors lived when he was the age of 8. After 3 years of living in HuBei he went back to Shang Hai. Life went on until 1950, he moved down to Hong Kong at the age of 21. At the age of 23 he wanted to go back to Shang Hai, and wanted to live work for his parents again. His dad said no, and that he should make his own future in Hong Kong. He only had a couple hundred dollars to start his own businesses. There he worked as a shoe maker apprentice, and worked for a really low pay. He worked really hard to master the art of making shoes, untill he had collected enough money and made his own brand of shoes. Met my grandma in Hong Kong. He soon became successful. He made really fancy shoes, and sold them to places even in Germany. My dad,Joe Tai was born in 1964 in Hong Kong. He moved to Canada with my Grandad in 1982, and his family. Visited Vancouver, Canada 1977, and 1979 for a vacation trip My granddad on my mom's side, was born on 1926 in Hong Kong. He passed away 2001 September 10th in Hong Kong.But he is originated from Pun Yu, Guang Dong China. This place is near Hong Kong in China. He was born in Hong Kong. At the age of 8 he went back to Guangdong China. Because his mother was the second wife, she wanted him to see his father. But once he went back to Guangdong, the First wife was very angry and questioned why my grandpa's mom would come back. She was very angry therefore told the whole village to go kill them. They hid in a long grassy area, and if my grandpa had cried, her mom would have suffocated her in order to survive. After not being able to see his father again, his mother found his grandfather, and he took care of him till he died. Mom's side Grandpa Dad'side
Grandpa When he was 13, in Guangdong, World War 2 started, he still lived normally. Until when he was 16, when he was swimming in a lake, there were Japanese planes buzzing above him and bombing the area around him. He didn't have time to put clothes on, and ran back to his house. My grandpa's dad was really rich, and he could build around 9 houses in one week. But unfortunatley, because of world war 2, he went bankrupt After my grandpa's grandpa died in 1944, when he was 18 years of age, he went to Hong Kong to find work. He went to his sister's store to work. He went to Hong Kong because after the second world war Britain had took over Hong Kong, so there were many new opportunities for young people like my grandpa to work. China gave Britain Hong Kong because of the Opium wars which China lost to Britain. He met my grandmother, and he quit the job when he married my grandmother, 1956. He got a new job as a salesman.
My grandpa had my mother in 1964, when he was 36. DateTreatyResult
20 January 1841Convention of ChuenpeePreliminary cession of Hong Kong Island to the United Kingdom
29 August 1842Treaty of NanjingCession of Hong Kong Island, founded as a crown colony of the United Kingdom
18 October 1860Convention of BeijingCession of Kowloon (south of Boundary Street)
1 July 1898Second Convention of BeijingLease of the New Territories (including New Kowloon) Moved to Vancouver, Canada because he thought that it would be a new start for his family of 6 chilren, 5 guys and 1 girl. Also for the education chances that they could get. Moved to canada because my mom's dad thought it would be a new start for his 6 children, 5 girls and 1 boy. Also the education advantages that they could scored Dad's side Grandma Mom's side Grandma My grandma was born in 1930, in Guang Zhou, Guang dong san, China. She lived till 8 and she fled to Hong Kong away from the Japanese bombers. They took a boat to Hong Kong so that they could fled. She had 5 brother and sisters. She is the biggest, and because of the poor surroundings, her little sister was ill, and she died because she could not get fast medication during the World War II. When she was 22, 1952, she met my grandfather.
She weded when she was 26. Two of their daughters, biggest and third daugthers1989, December came to Vancouver, Canada to find out how it was. They got citizenship of Canada, and they helped the rest of the brother and sisters and their parents to come to Canada in around 1992, they all came to Canada.
My mom's side of the family were scared of 1997, Hong Kong was about to be claimed back to China. They had freedom of speech because before, when they were under Britain for many years. They took the plane to Vancouver Canada to avoid this. They did not know any English, and followed her daughters. They did not overcome their language barriers because of their daughters. They arrived in 1992 December 7th. She thought that the weather of Canada was really good. She liked the climate and adapted to it quickly. The air was very fresh and there were plenty of land. Lots of space to walk around, and she was a lot more happy in Canada. Because the biggest sister could only support my mother, my grandfather and my grandpa, they were worried about the smallest son, and two daughters. They were really worried about how they would live on without them. They liked the climate and the temperature and the people in Canada. They traveled to Canada on plane; it was one trip without stops. There were no immigration hardships. It was an amazing choice to come to Canada. There were no cultural barriers, because there was a china town. There were no new cultural inconveniences. Language was the only inconvenience, but my daughters new English so it was fine. The new culture did not affect me. They brought clothes money, passport, and her important stuff. Grandpa did not have any work with them to Vancouver, Canada. The Eldest daughter and the third daughter came first at 1989. Then at 1992 my grandmother, grandfather and my mom all came to Canada. They came to Vancouver, Canada because they were nervous about how China was going to take charge of Hong Kong again. This will tighten the freedom of speech that they had because they were occupied by Britain before. Only the first year or so, they all missed Hong Kong and their relatives that were back in Hong Kong, China, but with years passed, they no longer miss Hong Kong. They came to Canada without any skills and professional training. But their daughters had jobs and husbands that could help them out. Their goals were to become financially stable. Every year my grandma goes back to Hong Kong. My parents and my grandma still have relatives back in Hong Kong. My grandmother has her third daughter in Toronto and my mom in Vancouver, but the rest of her family is back at Hong Kong. My grandmother usually lives in Vancouver with us, but every year, she goes back to Hong Kong for around 4 months.

My dad's side grandparents take the plane to vancouver B.C. they thought that the weather, climate in Vancouver is really nice. They love the education program in Vancouver, and is one of the main reasons why they came over to Canada. They like how there are lots more universities and high schools than Hong Kong. Even though my dad's parents did not know how to speak english, they had help from their children. In 1982, April 18th, they immigrated to Vancouver Canada. The first impression of the weather was really good. My dad's parents loved the safe feeling of Vancouver. How they didn't necessarily needed to lock doors, and the neighbours were really open. My dad's parents were going to set back and retire in Vancouver. The only thing that they miss is the business thrill that they had back in Hong Kong owning five houses, and two shoe stores. Vancouver was also a good choice for the kids, espically new chances and oppertunities to be sucessful. They love the weather, and how the climate is stable in Vancouver, not too warm or too cold. They adapted to the culture of Vancouver relatively easily. They didn't go to any other Canadian cities becuase Vancouver is close to Hong Kong, so they can visit Hong Kong easier, and also Vancouver is not as cold as Toronoto or any other cities in Canada. There were no hardships, and during the flight to Vancouver, Canada, they had to stop in Japan from Hongkong, to get to Vancouver, Canada. There were no immigration hardships. If my grandparents had a second chance they would still come to Vancouver, Canada and know that they have made the right desicion. Vancouver is like a large garden to my grandparents. There is no cultural barrier, but the language of English impose some inconvenience to them. My grand parents like the new culture alot, and they think that the multi cultural aspect is done very well in Vancouver. My grandparents brought everything with them and sold all their houses from Hong Kong, China, to come to Vancouver, Canada. The whole family of 6 children and my grandparents all came together to Vancouver, Canada at 1982, April 18th. Their main reason for coming to Canada is because of educational for kids and also the weather. Because back in Hong Kong, my grandparents were really sucessful workers, they miss the work thrill that they had back in China. My grand parents feel that they have accomplished their goal for coming to Vancouver, Canada, because they had had a set back and relaxed retirement, and their children have all been sucessful after good education from either SFU or UBC. They have no connections back in Hong Kong and their whole family is in Vancouver , Canada.
Born on 1941, August 5th, in Shanghai.But was origiated from Ning Bo. At the age of 8, she went o Ning Bo to live. After the age of 14 she went to Hong Kong, met my grandpa 1958 Febuary and married him four months later. Married my grandpa when she was 16. THE END
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