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Student Service Foundation

No description

Thomas Zhuang

on 25 August 2015

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Transcript of Student Service Foundation

Student Service Foundation
2014 - 2015

Who are we?
Extension of learning in the classroom
Grant Writing Process
A day of service from the students to the community
January 19th MLK (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)
Create a spirit of service throughout the district
Serves as a fundraiser and a day to impact the community.
Money raised will support school sites and sustain grant monies in the future.
What do we do?
Grant applications are available online
May be submitted by an individual or groups
Different schools may collaborate on a grant-funded project and submit one grant
Advisers may guide students through the grant writing process, but the grant MUST be written by students and go toward student projects and educational ventures.
Grants approved once a month
Grant applications will need a student leader or point person.
An adult on campus will need to act as adviser and oversee the project
Grants must make a connection to lessons taught and learned in the classroom
Research must be done carefully and precisely in order to have grant approved.
We are collectively representatives from each of the 9 AUHSD high schools that make up a student foundation board of directors, under the AUHSD Foundation.
We all have a passion for making a difference in our community.
We would like to help other students pursue their passion for learning and service by providing them with the means to do so.
"Learning With Purpose - College and Career Ready"
As Board members, we encourage students to address issues in their community that they learn about in the classroom by helping them write grants akin to business plans.
Students can request up to $400 to help them address those issues
As a student foundation, we ultimately review and approve the grant applications.
Junior high school and high school students are able to submit grant applications for funding
In total, we have $25,000 to award
Give students an opportunity to contextualize their classroom learning.
21st Century skills - push for students to move beyond the basics.
Important for us to collaborate, communicate, think critically, and be creative.
Grants are allowing for exactly that
Grant writing will help prepare students for real-world experiences
Money isn't always just free
Application process will allow students to reflect on their goals and aspirations
Experience in planning out a course of action in order to receive funding.
“Students making a difference through service, kindness, and problem solving”
For more information and to find the grant application, please visit us at:
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