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Untitled Prezi

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Ashlyn draney

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

(my version) Chapter 1 "MERIDA, RUN!, DON'T LOOK BACK AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR MOTHER AND BROTHERS!" In the distance, i heard a dark snarl and a loud chomp. I heard father chop the creature's head but fell to the ground.... I shook and moaned. that was a terrible nightmare that happened in my life seven years ago. I was 14 now and my brothers were seven. My father was killed by mysterious beast in our home. Mother was distressed for the dark seven years. My life was miserable as heck due to the fact there was a plague
wiping out the local population and Mother was dying of it and my little brothers: Fergus, after my father; mighty little Peter; and stubborn Rufus. were too young to fend for themselves. Life was harsh and I was not in the mood to be a baby sitter at age 14 for the most rambuctious monsters on the planet. "M....e.....r.....i....d.....a, come here...... now,she moaned loudly and yanked my arm and whispered: Take care of the boys for me and i love you all, remember to be brave for the sake of our falling family.....her gray eyes bulged and closed never to be opened again. I cried out and threw my arrows against the bleak cave walls in the cave we were living in. i screamed at my brothers, who had witnessed the whole scene and they ran out of the cave screaming in distress like my father did when he was killed by the bite of the monster. "EVERYONE IN HERE, NOW!" I screeched loudly as I could to make myself straight with them. We...... will bury mom ..... TONIGHT! My brothers knew that this grim day was no longer the time to laugh, scream or any of their obnoxious behavior. they just witnessed the death of their mother,the great Queen Elinor, die on a hard cave ground and me crying out in pain for all this death, plague, and the terrible place we lived in. I held my brothers close together and helped lift the dead body of our mother to a place where she could rest in peace___________ the sacred woods I used to hunt in with my horse, Angus to hunt and shoot arrows. But now, i suffered too many losses. Mother. Father. Angus, who had died a year ago by the monster who killed my father. I looked back at my brothers, then together we walked to the woods where the full moon shined on the beloved trees.

BRAVE Chapter 2 I miserably carried the limp weight of my mother with my brothers tagging along with me to
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