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LPP Presentation

Mark Beltran

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Murder

Mark Beltran Murder at CHS What Happend? Samantha Smith was murderd at 11: 30 A.M. on 9-4-12 Her body was found at the girls 4th floor bathroom, Blue side. Trail of footprints were found at the crime scene each footprint measured 8-11 inches long. She was killed from a knife which was found in the trash right next to her body. Samantha Smith was a Chemistry teacher at CHS, she was known by her beauty, but other teachers know her as snobby, stuck up, and very popular with her students. Possible
Suspects Ms. Barlage
Mr. Baker
Ms. Almquist
Ms. Chakraborty
Mr. Schimdt
Mr. Schwartz The Killer I believe that William Schwartz is the murderer Motive, He must have had some sort of relationship during his college days. He followed her here to be with her but got rejected as Ms. Smith fell for Mr. Baker She was 170cm or 5'5 Evidence Blood
Footprints sizes 8-11
Knife found in trash
Stab wound
ChemistryBook How Schwartz killed her The way he killed her was that he stabbed her as soon as she walked in the bathroom. She was being strangled and somehow got Schwartz to bleed all over the wall. The blood got to his shoes but he was wearing two diffrent types of shoes to throw all officers off. This explains the 2 different print sizes. He smashed her face on the sink to finish off the kill and thats how the sink got all bloody. He hid the knife in the trash and left the police to play his game of hide and go seek. Mathematical Evidence Killer is about 5'3, with the given stride at the crime scene (24 in) H= .36L+56 64 inches = 5'3 Schwartz's Height .36(24)+56=64.64 He also said he wears shoes that range from 8-11 Lab Evidence Blood type O+ was found at the crime scene Breaks it down to 3 following suspects. Ms. Barlage
Mr Schwartz
Mr. Baker
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