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Alexander Hamilton VS Thomas Jefferson

No description

Chris Diaz

on 5 January 2014

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Transcript of Alexander Hamilton VS Thomas Jefferson

Human Nature
Thomas Jefferson believed that were very good and wise, he also thought people could make decisions for their country if they were aware if anything bad was happening
How strong should the country be?
Thomas Jefferson thought a small nation government with limited powers and a "strict construction" of Constition
Who Should lead the country
Alexander Hamilton thought the wealthy, very well educated, and public-spirited men should lead the country
Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson
What do they think of the Economy?
Thomas Jefferson thinks that the economy should be farmers and be raising livestock.
Thomas Jefferson
Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton thought people put their own interests above their country, he also thought people were basically selfish and out for themselves, and people distrusted the common people in government
Thomas Jefferson thought that the common people like the farmers and the planters should lead the country
Alexander Hamilton thought that a strong national government that unites the states and keeps order among the people and "loose construction" of Constitution - Congress has many powers beyond specifically stated in Constitution
Alexander Hamilton thought that the economy should be business, manufacturing, and trade
What they both think of the National Bank
Alexander Hamilton's thought is Congress has the power to create it even if it' directly stated in the Constitution.
Thomas Jefferson thought noting in the Constitution gives Congress the power to create one, so it can’t be created
Thank You
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