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Psyc 113 Day 7

No description

Elizabeth Barton

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Psyc 113 Day 7

Check-in, Friday Recap
Integrating our Values Turn & Share
Dr. Chew Learning Activity and Video
Academic and Career Planning Funnel
Majors Literacy
Integrative Reflection: Finishing up Work Values
Looking back at what you wrote on the back (and the rest of ) your work values sheet, turn and discuss:

• In what ways are your goals and values around work/education congruent with the ones your family has lived? How congruent are they with the ones your family want for you?

• If there is potential for conflict, how will you handle it?

• What do your values (work and core) suggest about the kind of work/career/vocation that may be a good fit for you (not a specific job, but the kind of work).
Learning Activity
Read the directions carefully and silently to yourself.

I will read the list of words one time only.
Levels of Processing
Stephen Chew Video#2
What happened with our experiment?
Reveal the secret
Activity 2:
Majors and Literacy Assignment
List of Majors: http://www.plu.edu/admission/first-year/majors/home.php#tab=undergraduate
Psyc 113 Day 7
Now, recall and write down as
many of the words as you can remember
Stand by your answer for question #1 on the board.
Now stand by your answer to question #1
Now stand by your answer to question #2
Academic and Career Planing
You Will Need:
Online Catalog http://www.plu.edu/catalog/

Links to Departments (for example, Anthropology department: http://www.plu.edu/anthropology/ )
Identity Development (Marcia)
Thank You! Keep up the Great Work!
Remember your individual Mapworks Meetings (bring your report).
Put your name on your brainstorming paper and turn it in for your participation points today
Bring something from one of your classes that you need to learn for an upcoming assignment or exam. (Bring it to Class#8 for an in-class activity
Complete Majors Literacy Assignment- due at the beginning of Class #9
Complete the MBTI assesment (link sent to you on email).
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