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The Montagnais

No description

Samantha Vargas

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of The Montagnais

This map shows you where the Montagnais live. Most of Quebec east of the St. Maurice River extending along the north side of the St. Lawrence to the Atlantic Ocean in Labrador.Their language family is Alonguian. Almost all Montagnais Naskapi, and Attikamek still prefer to speak their native languages. French and English are used as second languages
Natural Resources
The Montagnais
This is what they would wear when they go and hunt for animals. This jacket is made out of caribou skin.
Food, Clothing, and Shelter
Social Strucuture
This is a picture of the snowshoe made from the Montagnais. This will help them walk through the thick snow during the winter season.
The Montagnais did not have permanent shelter.
They would have to move once in a while.
Children where physically diciplined by their parents.
From a very early age their parents expected them to participate in the band.
The boys will have to know how to hunt with their fathers while the girls stay with their mothers and basically participate.
The men hunted, made tools, weapons for hunting, snowshoe frames, sleds, and canoes.
The women did the rest of the work. Example: catching fish, preserving meat and fish for the winter and more.
Way of Life
Where the Montagnais live was very cold during the winter season and very hot during the summer season.
They have a very short period of clear days.
Up north the climate was about 50 degrees to 70 degrees.
The Montagnais had a great respect for animals and they believed that the spirits controlled them.
They place the bones of the animals high up in the trees or in a built scaffolds.
They burn leftover fat as an offering.
They wear a jacket that is made out of caribou skin.
They do not have a permanent shelter so they would have to move once in a while.
They developed snowshoes, hunting weapons like bows and arrows, sleds and canoes
They organized themselves and making decisions by holding special reserves.
Since they are nomadic they did not have a lot of decisions to make and they did have to choose which path to take.
The Montagnais had a council that made decisions.
Traditions and Customs
They both trade but the Montagnais trades their shelter for their food.
This helped me understand their life by them needing help and can not act them being alone.
One of the traditional story about them is The Hunters of Nitassinan.
The three bands of the Montagnais, 45 people have departed from the summer camp.
When November came, they left their boats and some of their things behind and they started heading up to the forest.
Father Le Jeune made a mistake of throwing a peice of meat to one of the dogs.
Some of the resources that they used were meat,weapons, animalbones,and animal fur.
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