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Catapult for Mr.Flower

Erin May

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Catapult

Double click anywhere & add an idea Catapult A Homemade Catapult Materials: Two 2x2 pieces of wood My understanding:
The elastic will shoot the beanbags. The tighter the elastic the farther the beanbags will go. We'll be putting the beanbags in the bowl desinged for the beanbages and then we'll cut the elastic at send the beanbags shooting.
2x6 piece of wood Springs
One plastic bin 24 three inch screws Tools That We Used: Drill Screwdriver
Table Saw Circular saw The arm will propels the beanbag foward
then the stopper will stop the arm and the
beanbag will go flying. Load Arm Stopper Supports Base Fulcrum Diagram
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