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Beginning Band

No description

Gerri Reese

on 17 December 2018

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Transcript of Beginning Band

Lines 23-32

To Sign Up for REMIND

Text @9bf693 to 81010
Beginning Band

Learn the essential skills unique to music

Why is proper posture important when playing an instrument?

Note reading practice
Mouthpiece practice
Instrument assembly/Hand position
Lines 1-10 on whole instrument

School Owned Instrument Requests
Email or note on a full piece of paper (not a scrap and not in your agenda)

Must include:
First and last name
Student ID #
Period that you have band
Whether or not you're on free/reduced lunch (those students get first priority on school instruments)

Practice lines 1-10
Get a practice signature!

(I know it's the same as last time. WRITE IT AGAIN.)
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