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The 5th Wave

No description

Lexy Sue

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of The 5th Wave

Author- Rick Yancey
Genre- Science Fiction
Pages- 457
Publisher- Putnam Juvenile
Publishing Date- May, 2013

Rick Yancey's Influence
Rick Yancey said inspiration came to him after seeing a BBC interview with famous physicist Stephen Hawking. In this interview, Hawking said, "If beings from other planets ever do visit Earth, it's likely that they would destroy our civilization because it would be so inferior to their own." Yancey also includes another quote from Hawking in the beginning of his book. "If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn't turn out very well for the Native Americans."
Connecting Literature to the World
"What loneliness is more lonely than distrust or doubt?"
Main Conflict
The major conflict in this novel is the extra terrestrial beings vs. humanity. This is the major conflict of the story because the aliens invaded the human's world. Humanity is attempting to defend what they have left of the world. This is the biggest conflict in the novel.
The 5th Wave
Written by Rick Yancey

Example One
"I'm about to lose it big-time. I can't trust him. I have to trust him. I can't believe. I have to believe. Is this the Others' ultimate goal, the wave to end all waves, stripping our humanity down to it's bare, animalistic bones, until we're nothing but soulless predators doing their dirty work for them, as solitary as sharks and with as much compassion?"
Example Two
"So I didn't run. I couldn't. Whether it was one of them or an Aunt Tilly, I had to defend my turf. The only way to stay alive is to stay alone. That's rule number two."
Example Three
"The way he trusted. Like the way we trusted before they came and blew the whole world apart. Trusted that when it got dark there would be light."
This quote means that distrusting others and being doubtful of situations and people can cause great loneliness. If you don't trust, you can't let anyone in. Being so closed off can implement a constant lonely feeling. If a person is incapable of trusting and putting their faith into someone, or something. What do they have then? They have nothing but themselves. After being isolated for so long, a person's humanity can be torn away, leaving them an empty shell of a human being.
Example One Explanation
This example supports my interpretation because it shows Cassie's mindset of trust. Cassie leans toward not trusting anyone because of the alien's deceit they have laid upon the humans. This is showing how Cassie wants to trust, because she's tired of being alone. It is also showing how the events have battered her human instinct to trust. She questions if this is what the aliens want. They want to isolate each individual, by making it next to impossible to trust anyone. By doing this, they're evoking the greatest loneliness by making each person distrusting and doubtful.
Example Two Explanation
This example supports my interpretation because it shows Cassie's aversion to trust. She didn't think it mattered who the person was. She only focused on the fact that there was a chance it was an alien. She just thought that in order to survive you have to be alone, no matter what extent you had to go to. She ends up killing the person she finds. She realizes her lack of trust in others have put her completely and utterly alone.
Example Three Explanation
This example supports my interpretation because it shows there was once trust in Cassie's heart. This quote is referring to Sammy, Cassie's 5-year old brother. Children have so much faith and trust. They aren't lonely. Cassie recognizes this, and is angry that she doesn't have that and Sammy is so quick to trust.
Supporting Passage
"I'm here because they've killed almost all of us. And that's their mistake, son. That's the flaw in their plan. Because if you don't kill all of us all at once, whoever's left of us are not going to be the weak ones. The strong ones- and only the strong ones- will survive. The bent but unbroken, if you know what I mean. People like me. And people like you."

-Part II, Chapter 30, Page 129.

Evolution of Main Conflict
As the story progresses the conflict evolves by the humans learning more about the aliens and acting upon the information. The conflict intensified as humanity began to challenge the aliens. A person's strength and drive is hard to tear away. Our main characters become determined, which causes the conflict to heighten to extremely intense conditions.
Person VS. Person
Ringer VS. Reznik
There is a Person VS. Person conflict between the characters Ringer, a young girl, and Reznik, her commanding officer. When Ringer and her squad leader, Zombie, are on their first mission, they encounter a sniper. They split off from the group to find it and execute it. They discover that the sniper is their commander, Reznik. Ringer shoots him, but Reznik retaliates. The conflict is resolved by Ringer eventually killing Reznik.
Person VS. Self
Zombie VS. Self
There is a Person VS. Self conflict when Ringer cuts out the implant her military compound gave her and Zombie's extra-terrestrial censor lights up green around Ringer's head. This indicates that she is an alien. Zombie doesn't know what to believe. Ringer is his friend. She can't have betrayed him so drastically. He struggles with different sides of himself. After a bit of internal turmoil, the conflict is resolved by Zombie deciding to trust Ringer
Person VS. Nature
Cassie VS. Blizzard
There is a Person VS. Nature conflict after Cassie is shot. A blizzard rolls in after this incident. The increasingly cold temperatures began to pose an immediate threat to Cassie's well-being. The conflict is resolved when Cassie is saved by a new character named Evan.
Book Recommendation
In my opinion, this book was very interesting and beautifully written. There were emotional parts, action-packed parts and even funny parts. Rick Yancey used a very descriptive and sometimes complex writing style. Throughout the book I saw many characters develop into something I didn't expect. The characters were very well described as was the setting, which varied. I was very engrossed in this book. My emotions ranged from sad to joyful and everything in between. This book was one of the best I've read in awhile. I think this novel would appeal to any age group. Anybody could enjoy this novel.
Book Playlist
1. Monster You Made by Pop Evil
2. Coming Undone by Korn
3. In The End by Black Veil Brides
4. Duality by Slipknot
5. Remember Everything by Five Finger Death Punch
6. I'll Follow You by Shinedown
Monster You Made
Pop Evil
"Take a good look at me now
Do you still recognize me
Am I so different inside
This world is trying to change me
And I admit I don't want to change with it
And I admit I can't go on like this anymore..."

Correlation To Book
This song describes Ben. He is trying to fight against what the world become. The apocalypse has vastly changed him. It has changed him into something he never wanted to be. Harsh times can change a person and I think these lyrics highlight that.
Coming Undone
"Keep holding on
When my brain's tickin' like a bomb
Guess the black thoughts have come again to get me
Sweet bitter words
Unlike nothing I have heard
Sing along mocking bird
You don't affect me..."

Correlation To Book
This relates to Cassie especially. She has a few breakdowns throughout the course of the book. These lyrics describe her perfectly during those times. This not only defines Cassie, but many other's mindset in this book. The lyrics dance around insanity. An apocalypse can definitely isolate you and cause you to become delirious and push you the insanity. The "black thoughts" would take over your mind after so much.
In The End
Black Veil Brides
"In the end
As you fade into the night
Who will tell the story of your life
And who will remember your last goodbye
'Cause it's the end and I'm not afraid
I'm not afraid to die..."

Correlation To Book
This can be applied to all main characters, but primarily Evan. Evan leave an imprint on Cassie. He impacts her greatly, leaving his story burned into her mind. She becomes his world, and the person to remember who he was. In the end, he's not afraid to die because he's had something to live for.
Remember Everything
Five Finger Death Punch
"If I could hold back the rain, would you numb the pain?
'Cause I remember everything.
If I could help you forget, would you take my regrets?
'Cause I remember everything..."
Correlation To Book
These lyrics pertain too Sammy and Cassie's relationship. Cassie is protecting Sammy, and having Sammy dulls her pain. Cassie remembers everything more than Sammy does. Cassie tries to shield Sammy from the harsh reality of the world.
I'll Follow You
"If I could find assurance to leave you behind
I know my better half would fade
And all my doubt is a staircase for you
Opened out of this maze

The first step is the one you believe in
The second one might be profound.

I'll follow you down through the eye of the storm
Don't worry I'll keep you warm.
I'll follow you down while we're passing through space
I don't care if we fall from grace
I'll follow you down..."

Correlation To Book
This describes Evan and Cassie's relationship. Evan will do absolutely anything for Cassie. They better each other and would protect each other at any cost. I think having a relationship like this during a time like the one described would be vastly important for mental stability and survival.
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