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hoy es jueves el veintiuno de may

No description

Alison Brink

on 3 April 2018

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Transcript of hoy es jueves el veintiuno de may

hoy es viernes el veintidos de may
to conjugate AR, EI/IR, and irregular verbs in ALL the needed forms
la meta
conjugate one AR, ER/IR, and Irreg verb
do your darnedest with out looking
raise your hand when you are done, and get a stamp
pull out your phone, and correct your answers using a verb conjugation site
grab your Verbs for Finals paper
el vocabulario
to use the active vocab in context
la farmacia- the pharmacy
el supermercado- the supermarket
el jábon- the soap
el cepillo de dientes- the tooth brush
la pasta dental- the tooth paste
el correo- the post office
la tienda de equipo deportivo- sporting goods store
la raqueta de tenis- the tenis racket
los patines- the skates
el palo de golf- the golf club
el dentista- the dentist
el médico- the doctor

la biblioteca- the library
sacar un libro- to take out a book
devolver un libro- to return a book
cobrar un cheque- to cash a check
el banco- the bank
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