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Geo project :)

jasman mundi

on 12 January 2013

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Transcript of Portugal

Portugal Introduction Portugal is a beautiful country located on the southwestern part of Europe which borders Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. The official languages in Portugal are Portuguese and Mirandese. Portugal is one of the oldest nations in the world with tons of rich culture .Currently the population of Portugal is 10,637,000 and the capital city is Lisbon .The religions found in Portugal are mostly Roman Catholic and other christian sets. The currency for Portugal money is Euro. Looking into the sky in the morning and night you will be able to see a beautiful sunset and sunrise. Coat of arm Map of Portugal Quality Of Life Economy Lisbon the capital city with beautiful scenery Porto has great nightlife (tons of parties,clubs and experiences that you will never forget) Fatima the most religious city in Portugal Famous for Port Wine Port wine fields located Douro Valley in northern Portugal - GDP is 257 552 088 333
-GDP per capita is 22 330
-Exports $59.22 billion
-Imports $77.62 billion
-Exports less and imports more
-Import partners :Spain,Germany,France ,Angola & UK
- Import : agricultural and chemical products, vehicles and other transport material, computer accessories and parts, semi-conductors and related devices, oil products & food products,
- Export Partners:Germany, France , Angola, & UK
-agricultural products, food products, wine, oil products, chemical products, plastics ,rubber, leather, wood pulp, paper, clothing, footwear, machinery and tools
- Since of 2006 Poverty levels are 18%
- not proper houses
-GDP by sector services is the highest 74.8%
- Transportation is important fro traveling from one island to the main city Lisbon
-Unemployment is 10.8%
- Hard to find jobs & Salary cuts Poor houses Transportation is really important for traveling around Portugal WOULD I LIVE IN PORTUGAL Push Factors : Pull Factors :
-Don't speak the Languages spoken there(Portuguese &Mirandese)
-4200 people living with HIV/aids
-Pollution in the water( tons of sea food is contaminated )
- Not enough money to pay medications
- Lack of clean water
-roads are not secure
-People are dying due to bad health care , proper homes and food to eat Interesting fact
-every region in Portugal has its own traditional dishes
- Portugal has been apart of portugal for more than 20 years
-1152 portugal was found as a country
-longest bridge in Europe Vasco de Gama bridge Unmade roads that people drive and walk on -Maritime temperature: Cool and rainy in the north and hot and dry in the south
- Winter is hot not cold in the south
-Old churches and monuments to look at
- Beaches to spend time at
- Landscapes
-Architecture Theses where examples of landscapes & Architecture from different parts of Portugal My decision to would i live in Portugal NO I would not like to live in Portugal because taking into consideration that Highest pay you would earn is 450 euros a month / in a year 5400 euros
- In Canadian dollars 450 euros = 584.04 / in a year 5400 = 7073.39
- Living in Portugal means tons of disease , hardly a place to live and not enough money jobs provide A great place to visit might be Portugal but not to live ! Portuguese to English
Olá means hello
escola means school
segunda-feira means Monday
* translations is hard to understand Portugal's national flower Portugal soccer team logo Bibliography Works Cited
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"11 Interesting Facts About Portugal." Backpacking Worldwide RSS. Backpackingworldwide, 11 Jan. 2013. Web. 11 Jan. 2013 - Health expenditure which the government spends on per person is $2367 ( low money towards health care )
- Health care not as important as Education because parents want kids to graduate from school and earn money for the family
-not enough money towards health care
-health care is not developed as in other countires ex Canada In the future the more people have jobs
Population will increase due to better health care
-Education will grow and cause more jobs /business
-people will have enough money to spend on more laptops /computures in a house due to more money they will have - Expenditure rate per student primary is 22.4%
Expenditure rate per student secondary is 38.9%
-Government spends more money on highschools rather than primary
- higer education need more money ( more labs,bigger library)
- primary schools are small and dont need alot of labs or bio labs -Literacy rate for15 & above is 95%
literacy rate for 15-24 is 100%
- Most people in Portugal are educated
- many people can read and write
-more people who are teens to young adults are better educated than 15 and above -Birth and death rate are the same
- In other countries there is more birth rate than death
-less death rate due to clean water
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