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The Feather Pillow

No description

Savanna Mixan

on 9 January 2017

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Transcript of The Feather Pillow

The Feather Pillow
Horacio Quiroga's
Newly weds
Live in a very quiet and eerie house which comes across as an enchanted, wintry palace
8 day time frame
Mid July, it's sunny out
The only residents are Jordan, Alicia, their servant, and the doctor visits them frequently to check on Alicia.
The Characters
-main character
-Alicia's husband
-caring but doesn't show it
-checks up on Alicia
-cares for Alicia
~Newly weds, Alicia and Jordan move into a mostly empty house. Alicia liked to pass her time by waiting for Jordan to come home every evening.
~As the seasons change from summer to fall, Alicia comes down with a mild case of the flu.
Rising Action
~As the days went on Alicia didn't get better, she only got worse. Jordan walks around the garden helping her, thinking she is getting better. Then, she was not strong enough to walk, so she had to stay in bed all day.

The Theme
The theme of
The Feather Pillow
is emptiness. Alicia and Jordan were slowly drifting apart since their wedding. They both began to feel uninhabited.
By: Horacio Quiroga
Presentation by Savanna Mixan
Symbolism of the Number Five
The number five is a symbol of balance, health, and love. In
The Feather Pillow
Alicia's life is drained from her in "five days and five nights" balancing her internal emptiness with her external appearance. The monstrous parasite killed Alicia physically, balancing her already dead soul.
Dark Romantics
Gothic Elements
Published in 1907
Point of view
The Feather Pillow
is told in third person. It uses words such as he, she, and they.
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The Feather Pillow is about a couple who gets married and they feel empty about their relationship. Three months into their marriage Alicia got sick. She became bedridden which caused her to getting even more sick. Jordan and Alicia's love was put to the test but it was too late for them. "her husband's impassive manner always restrained her."-meaning Jordan hardly ever showed his emotion causing her not show her emotion either.
Born in Salto Uruguay
Sixth child
Wrote and published over 200 dark stories
Horacio's father shot himself when Horacio was a few months old
Family moved several times then settled in Montevideo
Went to the university and wrote/ published his short stories
He traveled around Europe and settled in Buenos Aires, Argentina
He suffered from depression and found out he had terminal cancer
Horacio committed suicide on February 19th 1937 in Buenos Aires, Argentina
~Jordan called the doctor, who didn't know what was wrong with her. As Alicia got worse she started to see things. Jordan had no clue what to do so he just paced back and forth by her bed.
Falling Action
~Several days later Alicia passed away. The servant noticed blood on Alicia's pillow and picked it up to see why. She felt the pillow and it was heavy. She told Jordan and he ripped open the pillow to find a large parasite that had been feasting on Alicia's blood, causing her to get sick and die.
~Alicia was slowly killed by something no one knew was there.
Architecture - castle like house
Creature - parasite that killed Alicia
Foreshadowing - feeling empty about their marriage
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