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Allison Portnoy

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of TEAM BUILDING

What is Team Building?
Team Building is...
an ongoing process that allows a work group to evolve into a cohesive unit in order to accomplish group tasks to their required expectations.

Steps To Proper Team Building
Step 3: Planning for Team Improvements
The team is now working together to plan how they are going to accomplish improvements
The Placebo Effect
“Michael’s Secret Stuff” is an example of self motivation through the Placebo effect

the idea of mind over matter

“a medicine which does not act directly through known bodily mechanisms but which may work through the mind”

a positive effect that occurs after receiving treatment even when the treatment is inactive or fake
Step One: Problem or Opportunity in Team Effectiveness
Team Building begins when an actual or potential problem within team effectiveness occurs.
Step 2: Data Gathering and Analysis
Data is gathered is gathered to examine the problem. This can be done by questionnaire, interview, nominal group meeting, or other creative methods.
Clip Analysis
Highly-skilled opponents

Realized limitations as a group

Michael Jordan
Clip Analysis
The players hold tryouts to gauge their skill set

They are not well-equipped or skilled

They bring in Lola and Michael to improve the team
Clip Analysis
The team realizes that even with skilled players like Michael and Lola, they are still no match for the Monstars.

At half-time, the team demoralized and disjointed.

Jordan then steps up and gives a moralizing speech to get everyone on the right track and ready to succeed in the second half of the game.
1. Have a leader that sets a clear and challenging team direction

2. Turn a general sense of purpose into specific performance objectives
Space Jam Performance Objectives:

Dont be pushed around and intimidated by the Monstars

Use specific skills to outsmart and outplay the Monstars

Look out for your other teammates

3. Members must have the right set of skills: technical, problem-solving and interpersonal




Characteristics of a High Performance Team
Step 4: Actions to improve team functioning
Clip Analysis
Real Life Application
Step Five: Evaluation of results
Clip Analysis
overcoming problems in a team requires strong leadership, clear objectives, and skilled individuals

team building is a necessary part of any workforce

employees and managers alike will have to deal with working in teams at many points in their career

knowing that problems will arise and how to work through them effectively will be a critical skill to possess
Team dynamics ultimately affect team performance

Team dysfunction plays a crucial role in derailing team processes
Get in groups of 4

Discuss what step you believe is the
important in team building

Can you think of an example (from experience or in the media) when you saw this step executed?
Quit playing as individuals and realized the importance of teamwork

The team begins to effectively utilize their specific cartoon abilities to function as a team

Michael expresses faith in his team and support through his willingness to sacrifice himself which motivates the team
Armstrong, A., & Jackson-Smith, D. (2013). Forms and Levels of Integration: Evaluation of an Interdisciplinary Team-Building Project. Journal Of Research Practice, 9(1), 36-54.

Macedo, A., Farré, M., & Baños, J. (2003). Placebo effect and placebos: what are we talking about? Some conceptual and historical considerations. European Journal Of Clinical Pharmacology, 59(4), 337-342. doi:10.1007/s00228-003-0612-4

“Organizational Behavior” 13th Ed. (Uhl-Bien, Schermerhorn, & Osborn, 2013)
ISBN: 9781118517376

Optional: WileyPlus Warrick, D. D. (2014). What Leaders Can Learn About Teamwork and Developing High Performance Teams From Organization Development Practitioners. OD Practitioner, 46(3), 68-75.
Team begins to execute the plan
Analyzing final outcome and celebrating positive results
The team stuck with their plan and it brought about successful results

Michael expresses his gratitude for his team and how well they performed.

The team was victorious and celebrated their hard work and positive outcome.
Final Thoughts
Class Exercise
Allison Portnoy, Anna Nooney, Lance Kearse,
John Corning , Steve Guarriello
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