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All About Me

No description

Jinghui Zhu

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of All About Me

I was born in Langqi Island, Fujian, China.
I grew up in my hometown and lived in there for 13 years.
First Middle School
I attended my first middle school there.
I moved to United States upon my mom's request.
Middle School
I lived with my dad & maternal uncle and went to Lake Riviera Middle School in New Jersey.
High Schools
I went to several different schools in my sophomore and junior years.
Elementary School
I went to the elementary school in front of my maternal grandparent's house.
High School
I went to South Broward High School in Hollywood, FL for my freshmen year and lived with my mom ever since.
All About Me
- Jinghui Zhu

Dundee Crown in IL
High School
I came to Miami Jackson after 2nd Semester of my junior year.
My Favorite Colors
I like basically every color depends on the subject, the person, the timing, or my mood.
My Favorite Cold Drinks
My Favorite Hot Drinks
My Favorite Outfit
My Favorite & Dislike Places
My hometown is a lovely and joyful island that I always want to go back, though the most of the rest parts of the city is urban.
Bubble Tea
Cordova High in TN
Cary Grove in IL
Tea (Flower, Fruit, Herb, etc.)
Bean Milk
Coconut Milk w/ Fruit Tapioca
A&F, & Hollister
Brick, NJ is the first city I have ever lived in the U.S. and I still love it after left 2 years.
Cordova, TN is a place that my mom and I would never want to go back. The weather there is terrible in summer, there's no wind blows even at night. Though I had only live in there for 3 month.
Thai Iced Tea
My Favorite Writing Material Brand
Basically everything
EnerGel liquid gel pen (Fine, needle tip)
EnerGize Pencil (0.5mm)
Hi-Polymer Eraser
My Favorite Candies
All kinds of:
Hard Candies
Chewy Milk Candies
My Favorite Physical Activities
Evening Walk
Inline Skating
My Favorite Music Genre
My Favorite Entertainment
My Favorite Things to D0
Reading Books
Listening to Music
Empty My Mind
My Favorite Song
EXO-K - Overdose
Star Museum Entertainment (SM Town)
My Favorite Group - Cappella
My Favorite Group -
My Favorite Group - Performance
Girls' Generation (SNSD)
My Favorite Artist
Taemin Lee
Myungsu Kim
Yoona Lim
My Favorite Group - Consistence
Background Piano
Игорь Крутой (Igor Krutoi) - Печальный ангел (Sad Angel)

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