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Sea Life

This prezi is a compilation of different sea animals for Sea Life reports!

Jamie Christensen

on 13 August 2010

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Transcript of Sea Life

Want to take a tour? Let's go under the sea and see what we can find! Dive in with me! Aa Anemonea Bb Barracuda Barnacle Cc Cabezon Chiton Clam Clown Fish Coral Dd Crab Cuttle fish Dolphin Ee Eel Ff Flounder Gg Great White Shark Hh Hammerhead Shark Hermit Crab Ii Isopod-Horse shoe Crab Jj Jelly Fish Kk Kelp Ll Ling cod Sea Lion Mm Manatee Moon Snail Mussles Nn Nudibranch Oo Octopus Orca Whale Hey guys, you still awake??? Sea Otter Pp Parrot Fish Plankton Oops! Wrong one! Plankton Qq Puffer fish Queen Angel Fish Rr Rock Fish Ss Salmon Sand Dollar Sea Horse Squid Tt Sea Turtle Uu Sea Urchin Vv Sting Ray Viper fish Ww Whale Shark Xx...Yy....Zz... Did you find any you liked? Take another look!
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