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Magnetism in the 21st Century

By: Trey Warren Ms. Lampkin 2A

Trey Warren

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Magnetism in the 21st Century

4 Types of Magnetism all atoms and molecules with unpaired electrons. (free atoms) opposite of ferromagnetism. (not aligned parallel) strongest form of magnetism (aligned parallel) weak magnetism Paramagnetism Ferromagnetism Anti-ferromagnetism Diamagnetism Examples of Magnets Medicine MRI scanner Astronomy Electronics Transportation Maglev Train Toys MRI uses resistive magnets, consist of winding or coils of wire wrapped around a cylinder through which an electric current is passed. This causes a magnetic field to be passed. Maglev trains use super conducting magnets in the track and on the underside of the train to "float" above the track. Maglev trains use magnetic repulsion. A Maglev train is a system of transportation that uses magnets for lift and purpolsion. Loudspeakers rely on a combination of an electro magnet and a permanent magnet to produce sound. They convert electric energy into mechanical energy. Loudspeakers are used to amplify sounds. Loudspeakers Compass Magnets are used in compass to show attraction and repulsion. Rover There are magnets mounted on 3 different sides of the rover. Sand particles can stick to the magnets so the scientist can see whats going. The magnets force repels against the magnetic field in space. The rover is used by NASA to display images from space to earth, transmitted threw images and videos A compass is used to show direction A MRI is used to show visual images of the bodies internal bones.
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