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Yakari Alfaro-Laganse

on 22 June 2011

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Transcript of dogs

DOGS DOG Disease FUNNY DOGS DOG NAMES briTish bull dog chihuaua poodle chow chow the british bull dog is a dog that chase... bulls. and it started with the british. thank you for leting me us this picter Courtesy of epSos.de a chow chow is a chinese guard dog. this dog has skin problems like tics, mange or fungus. is it funny.YES!! thats THE END OF MY PREsentation. this type of dog is a water retiever. it retrieves ducks from the water that have been shot by hunters. this type of dog was orinally bred to kill... rats! it is so dangeres to be next to a dog with rabebis. when you get bit by a dog with rabebis the disease will cause your brain to be sick and you could die by this disease. dogs are so funny. that is a funny dog. all of the dogs are funny. dogs can be man/womans friend! debraashby dogsanimalscats beer magnet rabeseducaucation.blogspot.com people pets.com
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