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Social Studies

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michel shishkabob

on 11 April 2016

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Transcript of Social Studies

Social Studies
By: Abby H.
How the colonist, patriots, and loyalists were divided
About how many representatives supported independence
Who created the pamphlet and what did it do
Who was given the task of making the Declaration and who helped
Why was the Declaration written
How was the Declaration written beginning to end
What was the impact of the Declaration

Colonists Divided
In 1776 Patriots and Loyalists were in a smaller part of the Continental Congress

The colonists were right in the middle, which means they had no feelings about the disagreement with the British

Can you believe that within the Continental Congress only about 1/3 of the representatives supported independence?

This made John Adams upset and started to complain that the Loyalists used expectation of independence to scare the people into giving up.
Common Sense
Thomas Paine, also known as King George III, wrote a booklet named Common Sense. Common Sense was 50 page booklet and helped increase the support for independence in the colonists.

The pamphlet helped increase the support for independence in the Continental Congress and in May 1776, Virginia allowed the delegates to support independence.
Richard Henry Lee introduced a resolution, but before voting on his resolution, Congress set a committee to make a statement saying the reasons why the colonists were separating from Britain.

Thomas Jefferson was given the task of making the Declaration of Independence, however, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin suggested minor changes after it was finished.
The Declaration
The Declaration of Independence was written
in 4 main parts


Natural Rights-general ideas about society and government

List of Grievances-to prove that the British Government violated the rights of the colonists

Dissolving the Bonds-the colonies are free and independent states and that the relationship between the colonies and Great Britain was abolished.

The End
The declaration
says that the colonies are now "free and independent states."

The colonists showed the honor or justice of their cause.

The declaration
by stating that the new states can now wage war, establish alliances, and trade with other countries.
Impact of the Declaration of Independence
On July 4, 1776, Congress approved the Declaration of Independence which was signed on August 2ND of the same year.

We celebrate Independence Day on the 4Th of July, to commemorate Congress's approval of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

The Declaration of Independence changed the revolution between British and the colonists, because they were not fighting for fairness, but they were fighting to create a new nation.

Why was the Declaration was written?
The Declaration of Independence explains to everyone and to the whole entire world why it was written:

the colonists felt impelled
and separated from Britain who if I may add Britain was the ones who ask them for help not the other way around.

1) How were the colonist, patriots, and loyalists divided?

2) Approximately how many representatives supported our independence from Great Britain?

3) Who created the Common Sense pamphlet and what was its' purpose?

4) Who was given the task of writing the Declaration of Independence and who helped author it?

5) Why was the Declaration of Independence written?

6) What were the 4 main parts of the Declaration of Independence and what was their significance?

7) What impact did the Declaration of Independence have on the Revolution?

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