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2 Timothy 1

No description

Theodora Teong

on 12 September 2011

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Transcript of 2 Timothy 1

2 Timothy When? AD61-62: House arrest in Rome
AD62-67: Travels; left Timothy in Ephesus & Titus in Crete.
AD63-66: Wrote Titus & 1 Tim
AD67: Re-captured. Wrote 2 Tim.
Not long after, beheaded. Background 2 Tim 1:5 Eunice (Jewish Christian) & Lois - Sincere Faith. Father was a Greek - apparently pre-believer (Acts 16:1)
One of Paul's trustworthy co-labourers (Rom 16:21, 1 Cor 16:10, Phil 2:19-22, 1 Ths 3:2)
Paul's faithful rep & messenger (Acts 19:22, 1 Cor 4:17, 2 Cor 1:19, Phil 2:19, 1 Ths 3:2,6) Paul Timothy His Character Passive, timid in nature?
Repeatedly spurred to action (1 Tim 1:3; 4:11; 5:7; 6:2)
Not to let his relative youth stand in the way of his ministry (1 Tim 4:12)
"Fight the good fight" (1 Tim 1:18; 6:12)
To protect & propagate the gospel (1 Tim 4:14) Need for faithfulness in the face of hardship Context 2 Tim 1:3-18: Call to faithfulness 2 Tim 2:1-13: Challenge to Endurance 2 Tim 14-26: Marks of a Gd Workman 2 Tim 3:1-9: Predictions of Faithlessness 2 Tim 3:10 - 4:8: Challenge to Faithful Preaching 2 Tim 4:9-18: Reminder of God's Faithfulness 2 Tim 4:19-22: Final Greetings 2 Tim 1:1-2: Salutations v3-7: Thksgiving for Timothy v8-12: Call to courage v13-14: Call to guard the truth v15-18: Egs of unfaithfulness & faithfulness v1: "apostle of Christ Jesus" - establishes his authority as Christ's msg-er
v1: "by the will of God" // "by the cmd of God" (1 Tim 1:1) - reinforces his authority
v2: Close fatherly relationship between Paul & Timothy (1 Tim 1:2) v3: Saw his own faith as a continuation of his Jewish forefathers' faith.
v3: Paul prayed for Timothy night & day - gratitude (to God) for him kept increasing.
v4: "Recalling your tears" - probably at Paul's 2nd Roman arrest.
v4: "Long to see you" - Even Paul needed encouragement & support.*
v5: Timothy's sincere (unhypocritical/honest-1 Tim 1:5) faith stood out (1:15; 2:17; 3:1-9,13; 4:3-4,10-21); influence of his mother & grandmother (Acts 16:1).
v7: Intimidation by opposition to Paul (prisoner 2 Tim 2:9) & gospel ('despised & crucified Jesus - 1 Cor 1:18 - 2:5). "timidity" = 'cowardice' has no place in God's service. God gives spirit of power (1 Cor 2:4), love (1 Tim 1:5), & self-discipline (1 Tim 4:7). v8: Reminder of Paul's condition - prisoner for Christ's sake & purpose. Exhortation to Timothy to join courageously w/ him in suffering for the gospel (2:3), for it is in such circumstances that "the power of God" is made manifest (2 Cor 12:9-10).
v9-10: Salvation by grace, unmerited favour "before the beginning of time".
v11-12: Confidence in God's complete vindication from his suffering and humilitation. (1:18, 4:8) v13: To keep/ maintain the "sound teaching" - what Paul said as essential outline of healthy doctrine (1 Tim 1:10). To be balanced, commitment to truth always requires faith & love ("in Christ").
v14: Good deposit (Trust/stewardship from God) to be guarded with the "help of the Holy Spirit" (1 John 3:24; 4:13). Heretical teaching a constant threat. v15: "everyone" - widespread desertion. "Phygelus & Hermogenes", never mentioned b4; perhaps the most unexpected defections.
v16-18: Suggests general failure to support Paul in his personal time of need. Turned to Onesiphorus, who went out of his way to help Paul.
Contrast between faithful & unfaithful, strong & weak, trustworthy & unreliable. People in Asia portrayed the very things Paul had been warning Timothy against - cowardice, shame, self-indulgence, infidelity.
Used to strengthen Timothy's resolve to be counted amongst the faithful. Application In what area/s have you been called to faithfulness?
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