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laurie's first Prezi

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laurie uesugi

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of laurie's first Prezi

ABOVE and BELOW Questions with Mrs. U Is the class difficult? How many step sisters does Cinderella have? Do you think Cinderella should be taught to young girls? With a partner create one above
and one below question about
La Mirada High School 1. How many students are in this class? Example- Let's practice Below The Surface Questions When I need your full attention- Example- Above the Surface Questions Expectations
1. Respect me
2. Respect one another
3. Respect the classroom and its contents a. Only one right answer
b. Can point to the answer in the text How many pigs are in the fairytale with the
Big Bad Wolf and the pigs? a. More than one right answer
b. Require inference or opinion
c. Can't point to the answer in the text What do you believe the moral of the
story is of The Three Little Pigs? Hands up= Above the surface question

Hands down = Below the surface question Don't answer the question... Above or below? Be ready to share. Above the Surface
a. only one right answer
b. Can point to the answer in the text Congratulations!
Now let's start & inspire someone with your presentation! Learning target:
Can you generate
relevant questions?
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