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Pompey and the First Triumvirate

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Josh Hickman

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Pompey and the First Triumvirate

Settlement ratification
Land for war veterans
"with perverse obstinacy the Senate refused the reasonable demands"

(Cary & Scullard, 1975, p248).

"By uncompromising refusal to meet the demands of Pompey, Caesar and Crassus the Senate naturally drove them into each other's arms"

(Scullard, 1959, p117).
"[Cicero] made Pompey master of all the land and sea in Roman possession"

(Plutarch, 49:4)
1. Julia Caesar dies - 54 BC
2. Crassus dies - 53 BC

"And when Marcellinus persisted in his attack upon Pompey and was thought to be making a strong speech, Pompey remarked that Marcellinus was of all men most unjust, since he was not grateful to him for making him eloquent instead of speechless, and full to vomiting instead of famished"
(Plutarch, 51:6)
Consul - 70 BC
Even Cato, who had despised and opposed Pompey for ten years "
thought that no one would govern better than Pompey in a time of such disorder"

(Plutarch, 54:4)
Historian Disagreements
"Pompey filled the city with soldiers and carried everything with a high hand"

(Plutarch, 48:1)
Caesar asked Pompey if he approved the proposed laws, which Pompey agreed, then Caesar asked if Pompey would come to the aid of the people if the law is resisted. Pompey infamously replied "
Yes, indeed... I will come, bringing against those who threaten swords, both sword and buckler [shield]"
(Plutarch, 47:5).

Plutarch then states that Pompey had never said anything so
"vulgar and arrogant"

(Plutarch, 4:5)
"Here the urban voters, forgetful as ever of their former hero, gave Pompey such indifferent support that he withdrew his bill".
(Cary & Scullard, 1975, p248)
"Pompey—the man I loved—has, to my infinite sorrow, ruined his own reputation"
(Cicero, A II, 19)
Identify Pompey's involvement in the First Triumvirate and assess the impact it had on Pompey's political stature in Rome.
3 Triumphs
Titled 'Magnus' - 'The great'
Military Commander
"the Senate... dared not move freely in his [Pompey] presence"

(Cary & Scullard, 1975, 266)
Triumvirate Downfall
"it is more likely that some of his veterans were brought into the forum"
(Bradley, 1990, 336)
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