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Fraternities and Collegiate Rape Culture

No description

Chloe Edwards

on 17 March 2011

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Transcript of Fraternities and Collegiate Rape Culture

Fraternities and Collegiate Rape Culture Overview Fraternities and Collegiate Rape Culter
Why Are Some Fraternities More Dangerous
Places for Women

Fraternities and Rape Descussion Questions Gender Realations Treatment of Women Attitude Towards Rape Boswell and Spade cite several features of colleg life which are promoters or facilitators of rape culter. What are soome of these features? How do they work together to perpitrate rape culture? What is the significance of the "hook up" as defined by Boswell and Spade? How does this differ from other forms of sexual relationships? How did Boswell and Spade conduct their research on fraternities and rape? What other methods could you use to study this problem on college campuses? Which societal aspects are portrayed as facilitators of rape culture in this article? What measures should people be taking to dissuade rape culture and the victimizing of certain genders?
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