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Copy of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Project

No description

Amy Coughlan

on 4 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Project

•Mama has the new baby.
•The Nolans go to church the following Christmas as a ceremony for Johnny Nolan.
•Francie gets a job at a fake flower factory.
•Francie gets a job at a newspaper bureau.
•Francie saves up for and attends a summer college.
•While in the college, she meets Ben Blake.
•Neely goes back to high-school, Francie continues working.
•Francie gets a job at a typing company.
•Sissy has a baby in the hospital and it survives.
•Francie’s friend Anita sets her up on a date with one of her fiancé’s friends.
•Francie falls in love with him and promises him she will marry him, but then she realizes that it was all fake and he was using her.
•Sergeant McShane proposes to Katie and she agrees to marry him.
•Grandma Rommely dies due to her illness sometime during this time.
•Francie quits her job.
•Uncle Willie leaves the family.
•Francie decides that she is going to go to the University of Michigan.
•Ben asks her to decide if she wants to marry him in 5 years.
•Mama marries Sergeant McShane, and the Nolans move to live with him.
•Francie goes off to college.
•The family starts their new lives. •Francie talks about how much she loves Brooklyn and enjoys sitting on the roof looking over everything.
•Francie discovers the library and uses it often during her childhood.
•There is a flashback to the time when Francie and Neely are born.
•There is also a flashback to all of Sissy’s past lovers and all the still births she has had.
•The family moves.
•Francie and Neely begin to take piano lessons.
•Francie and Neely start school as soon as Neely is old enough to go.
•Francie does very well in school, especially in English.
•During elections, the family goes on a boat ride and Sergeant McShane notices Katie.
•Papa takes the children out fishing.
•Francie and Neely get their first Christmas tree.
•Francie is attacked by a pervert, but Mama shoots him to set Francie free.
•Sissy adopts a newborn baby from an Italian family that has just moved into the area.
•Papa is gone for a few days.
•Papa is found in the hospital sick and expected to die.
•Papa dies on Christmas day.
•Sissy attends Francies grade school graduation. Francie receives a bouquet of flowers that Papa paid for before he died.
•Neely and Francie work to help support the income. A Tree Grows In Brooklyn By Betty Smith Betty Smith, the author a of A Tree Grows In Brooklyn originally was named Elizabeth Lillian Wehner. She was born on December 15th, 1896 in Brooklyn, New York. Her parents were German immigrants. When Betty was fourteen, she began working in a factory making tissue flowers, and then at a newspaper bureau. “Smith's favorite job was in a clipping bureau; there she read two hundred newspapers a day.”(Johnson) In 1915 to 1917, Betty became the editor of her high school newspaper. Soon right after high school in 1918, she married Michael Keogh. Divorcing him, she eloped with George Smith. While married in 1927 to 1930, Mrs. Smith had enrolled herself into the University of Michigan and began her writing career writing plays. In 1930, she was awarded the Avery Hopwood award for one of her plays. Soon after, she fell in love with a Yale graduate and married him. In the late 1930s, Betty Smith began to right her widely known book, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. After her book is published in 1943, Betty married Joe Jones on August 7th, 1943. In August of 1948, Betty’s second novel is released: Tomorrow Will Be Better. After her novel A Tree Grows in Brooklyn hits the stage at Broadway, her and Joe Jones got a divorce. In 1957, Betty Smith married Bob Finch. Soon after in 1958, her third book, Maggie-Now was released. Towards the end of her career, Betty Smith wrote one last novel called Joy in the Morning, which was printed in 1963. “Unfortunately on January 17th, 1972, Betty Smith died of an pneumonia in Shelton, Connecticut.” (Johnson) About Betty Smith Events Twitter Feed "The world was hers for
the reading." Mary Frances Nolan Katie Nolan Johnny Nolan Neely Nolan Aunt Sissy Auny Evy Mary Rommely Mr. McGarity Flossie Gaddis Henny Gaddis Frank Uncle Willie John Annie Laurie Sergeant McShane Ben Blake Lee Rynor Ms. Garnder Mr. Jensen Joanna Hildy O' Dair Miss Lizzie Tynmore Doctor Nurse Carney Cheap Charlie Lucia
Troian Bellisario Chandra West David Boreanaz Adam Brody Caroline Sunshine Patricia Arquette Meryl Streep Steve Buscemi Elizabeth Gillies Asa Butterfield Alexander Gould Robert Downey Jr. Gerard Butler Abigail Breslin Josh Duhamel Orlando Bloom James Franco Laura Leighton Harrison Ford Daniella Money Shannon Elizabeth Jessica Lange Sean Bean Julianne Moore Ian McKellen Richard Madden Chloe Bridges Papa sent me flowers for graduation! #special
Got a job! #success!
New sister, good or bad? #help?
Farewell Papa, I know that you are in a better place. You're up with God now.
Mama got married! What kind of adventure will this bring? #newjourney Characters I am going to be a woman,
One that will grow up strong and tough,
Having grown up in Brooklyn.
I fear none, but only having care in my heart for others.
I want a better life,
To be free from hard labor,
To live comfortably.
I want to me my own person, the person I was meant to become.
I will make others proud, I am sure of it.
They will make sure others look up to me for inspiration.
I must learn and be taught many things to be well.
I want to help, never to make things more difficult.
I want to be noticed, not just glanced at.
I want to be remembered for all of my accomplishments.
I need to break out of my shell.
To explore new things and become educated.
It is a must if I would like to succeed.
But first, I must grow up. Found Poem
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