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Msar 2012

line follower

amr badra

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of Msar 2012

Be The king - Mansoura University one or two vehicle robot cross river 50 cm wide Using rafts Modifications in robot Drive voltage source to the flag motor 2 minutes study project goodmake you choose right Robot able to open a
bridge in front of him Magic Speed Amazing Robot Sakura robot by agile methodologies Simple Smart System Mechanical
design Msar
Team Control Msar thinking
:) Future improvements About
contest (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr H U M M E R robot in Mansoura University chase +
4 plastic wheels Side - x2 Back Front Top brige motor base Front wheels holder The bridge Power steering mechanism sensor holder electric arm 4 Acrylic plates
open to 55 cm
all load of the bridge on ground 20 rpm motor fixed over one wheel
second wheel connected to the first control it's hight from ground
from .5 :3.5 cm control it's hight from ground between
8 : 12 cm 7 control circuits Control Pic circuit Motors circuits Sensor circuit Power circuit Arm circuit Future improvements Work group Amr Badra Mechanical Nour Khashan Control Rehab Enab Control Yasmin Atef Control
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