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by Tim Elmore

Patricia Houk

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of HABITUDES

habits & attitudes A Poet Gardeners Publishers book written by Dr. Tim Elmore Communicating with the next generation Are You A Communicator 1. Puts the people before the message.
2.Asks: What do they need?
3.Emphasizes atmosphere.
4.Focus is change in the liseteners
5.Personal (impact-conscious)
6.Goal: Complete the people A Public Speaker Windows & Mirrors Providing a window on yourself so that your students can reflect on themselves 1. Puts the message before the people.
2.Asks: What do I have?
3.Emphasizes techniques.
4.Focus is content of the words
5.Polished (image-conscious)
6.Goal: Complete the message A No. 3 Pencil is Way to hard to use MAKE IT EASY
A good communicator has:
A Strong Beginning
Simple Language
One Theme
Emotional Ending A A Relavant Hope Fear pleasure Important Urgent Your Choice A Meeting Data
Sharing Facts
Task Discussion
Pain to avoid
Measurable summaries A Movie Drama
identify with story
has a greater purpose
inviting challenge
overcoming the impossible Impact 1. Personal
2. True Story/Contempory
3. True Story/History
4. Fiction Prepare!! Prepare
Memorize your opening
Dress Appropriately
Take Two Deep Breaths
Envision Being Effective
Dress Comfortably
Use Visual Aids
Be Early Mom Find Mom - a person in the audience who looks involved and supportive It can be hard to know what a faded flag stands for if we cannot discern its image. Clear Information Challenging Application The Pitch....."Big Idea" The Price Where is my Picture?
Where do I fit in????? 1. Why should a person listen to this message?
2. Does it involve them at an emotional level?
3. How could it change their lifestyle?
4. Will this message matter tomorrow as they begin their day?
5. Can each specific audience demographic practice the big idea?
6. Is the message concrete enough to be useful?
7. Does this message satisfy someone at the "soul" level?
8. How could someone apply this message to their life? Don't be Predictable!!!!! B e a Polka Dotted Pig! 1. Metaphors
2. Visual Aids
3. People
4. Video Clips
5. Experiences
6. Costumes & Props
7. Engage the 5 Senses Just as the foyer should be welcoming - so should the basement The First and Last
30 seconds are
important Grab them by objective, know your audience, approach, "hook", subject development, illustrate, ask for commitment Or Modern TV???? Be EPIC E - Experiential
P - Participatory
I - Image Rich
C - Connected Many of the newest and Most Popular TV Shows are reality TV. Often the audience can participate online, text or tweet to be part of the show input and discussion. Many non-reality TV shows utilize computer "sync-ing" during the show as well as an after show discussion to engage the watcher. So Active Involvement
Social Integration and Self Reflection are needed The Thomas Nast Principle 1. Pictures Stick
2.Majority People are Visual Learners
3.Engage Right Brain & Emotion
4.Desire to Express & Respond
5. Tell Stories
6.Store Information
7.Oldest Form of Curriculum & Preferred Water is timeless Method of Delivery is not Make your delivery Tweetable,
Students can share feedback real-time via device Use Technology to your advantage ENCORE 1.Incentive - Desire
2.Disequilibrium - Resist
3.Schema - Connect
4.Emotion - Ignite
5.Social Integration - Process
6.Filter - Conclude
7.Active - Involvement To get an ENCORE - add a twist (an extension of the learning) Start Low Rise Up Higher Catch on fire Sit Down in the Storm Continue Slow i Our Delivery should change as does the seasons 1.Engage
3.Big Idea
6.Illustrate The Golden Hour Time of Opportunity 1.Be Audience Oriented
2.Be Impact Conscious
3.Remember to Pause
4.Take Risks
5.Be Spontaneous
6.Be Authentic
7.Know Your Audience Who wants to eat Food made by a SKINNY CHEF? If he won't eat it Why should You? Be Sincere
Your credibility is important Watch your Windows & Mirrors - Personal
NO number 3 Pencils - Keep it simple
Be a House on Fire - Urgent
Have A Movie - Engage
Find Mom - Be Natural
Get Rid of FADED FLAGS - Be Clear
Find Value in their Yearbook - Value
Raise a Polka Dotted Pig - Unique
Beautify the Basement - Inviting
Be EPIC - FB/Modern TV Interactive
Be a Thomas Nast - Image-Rich
Repackage the Water - Relavant
Play an Encore - Surprise
Enjoy the Four Seasons - Challenge
Use the Golden Hour - Timely
Don't be a Skinny Chef - Be Credible
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