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No description

Danielle Wuertz

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Amphibamus

When and where it lived
The Amphibamus lived 3 million years ago
The Amphibamus lived in Swamps of North America and western Europe.
The Evidence of Amphibamus or Amphibians
Based on the evidence given, the amphibamus species are small with eaqual four legs. Some have alot of color but some also dont.
The only evidence of this kind of species are the fossils found in the earth , from like the first century.
The measure's of the Amphibamus
Most Amphibamus creatures weighed as little as 3 ounces.
The lenth of this species is a good estiment of 6 inches long.
The Amphibamus resembles lots of the amphibians creatures living in this century, for example frogs, crocodiles, and salimanders.
Scientists thoughts
Some scientists think that the amphibamus went into extixtion because The Permian ended with the biggest extinction event ever. 90-95% of marine species and 70% of all land organisms went extinct.
But honestly in my opinion i think that the prehistoric anphibian specieces, really didnt extict, but much rather evolved.

The Amphibamus lived through the time Late Carboniferous (300 million years ago)
Awsome Sauce facts about the prehistoric Amphibamus creatures.
Amphibamus (Greek for "equal legs"); pronounced AM-fih-BAY-muss.
Frogs were the earliest known amphibians known to be found in East Greenland.
Frogs and toads are included as the largest group in Amphibians.
The word "amphibian" was already in wide currency when the famous paleontologist Edward Drinker Cope bestowed this name on a fossil dating from the late Carboniferous period.

The earth 3 million years ago

google images
BY: Danielle
Happy watching!
never under estimate the power of four legged things !
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