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AIESEC Madison Member Induction

cork board

Chanho Eric Roh

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of AIESEC Madison Member Induction

Double click anywhere & add an idea VP Comm
of AIESEC Madison
(aka agent R) From Haskovo, Bulgaria speaks English, Bulgarian, German & Japanese Born on
August 1 Who is this Mafia? Outgoing Exchange
Members assist exchange participants in the process of matching, preparation, support throughout the internship, and reintegration. Talent Management
Members help promote the 'AIESEC Experience' through soft skills training sessions, professional soft skills training, one on one interactions, and AIESEC families. Business Development
Members engage in targeted market research, development of a professional network, and conversations about AIESEC with potential contacts to determine if their is a possibility of establishing a relationship. External Relations
Members are in charge of connecting with the UW-Madison campus and surrounding campuses by maintaining relationships with professors, student organizations, and branding AIESEC on campus. Finance
Members are responsible for all fiscal activities of the LC including the local and national accounts, maintaining the semester budget, and raising money to support the LC. Communications
Members coordinate the flow of information within the LC and the web presence of AIESEC-Madison. cross-functions Welcome to AIESEC Madison Expectations
History of AIESEC
More about AIESEC
Podio / Myaiesec.net
Buddy / Family Agenda Statistics 86 applied
25 accepted
(29% acceptance rate) 64 females; 22 males 50% of applicants admitted to UW-Madison
Danny O'Brien (CMP) 62.0%
Jordan Taylor (FG%) .402 AIESEC History 1945: Post-war devastation in Europe
- A need to bridge the gap between people and cultures
- A need for capable professionals to help rebuild economy
1949: First International Conference, culminating in AIESEC
Exchange opportunities to help fulfill the need for education on a clear understanding of international relations and cooperation
1957: AIESEC Madison founded Acronyms LCP VP EB OGX ICX ER EP TN
sR UR AN IL COMM TM TMP TLP GIP GCDP CEED OC FACI WNC SNC RoKS NST MC MCP @ BOA LLC BD MCVP LC Y2B Newbie Induction As a cross-functional organization, each AIESEC function contributes to the overall mission of the committee YOU are important to us master of Podio and myaiesec.net
able to hack YOUR computer out of soap many sweets 1 beer left at
home Come on up, Every Newbie!
Pick 1 paper out of the hat and go meet your buddy!
(Your buddy's name and task are on the paper)
Tasks must be done by next Wednesday, October 3rd before GMM. GMM Danielle: Learn Gangnam Style Dance
Evaluation: Perform in the GMM.

Molly: Play cards in the quiet room in the library.
Evalution: Take a picture/video

Allie: Play Talking Allie Game (My voice is higher than your voice) in public.
Evaluation: Take a video

Chanho: Dance "Bad Touch" in front of memorial library.
Evaluation: Upload the video

Mat: Catwalk on State Street and see how many girls' phone numbers can they get.
Evaluation: Upload a picture/video and show TM the phone numbers.

Livi: Bike lakeshore path
Evaluation: Upload a picture

Beth: Ice-skating
Evaluation: Upload picture Colin: Teach newbie to make one new dish
Evaluation: Upload a picture

Heong: Teach the newbie to introduce him/herself in another language
Evaluation: Newbie introduces him/herself during GMM

Lene: Play Leap Frog from AIESEC office to AIESEC office with Hayk
Evaluation: Make a video

Eugene: Take model photo shot (with 5 different poses)
Evaluation: Upload the picture

C.J.: Go to Terrace and eat dish iceream without using utensils
Evaluation: Upload a picture.

Jess: Take a picture with the union chair
Evaluation: Upload the picture family 541 W. Washington Ave. Apt #2 UPSTAIRS Bridget's family Founded in 1956 at Columbia University (the first non-European country)
AIESEC Madison was established in 1957 • By 1960 (8 LCs, 59 ICX), By 1963 (80 LCs, 691 ICX)
• IC ’63 in Princeton (JFK, special guest), IC '80 in Chicago,
IC '88 in Boston, IC '97 in Atlanta
30-40% of TNs from top 10 companies
(IBM, Disney World etc.),
• Financially and personnel support other countries
(China, Malaysia, SU, Argentina) • outer consultant group (RAE Group)
-> attempt to change the structure
• neared bankruptcy in 2001
(9/11 & IT bubble burst)
-> LCs shut down, less TLP,
lost full membership status
(lowest ICX numbers since 1961),
Relationship with AI (hostile) • 14 LCPs released a letter to the network pleading for international action against the MC (July 4th letter)
• In 2008, the first MCP election in AIESEC US in 12 years (Andrew King (MCVP BD))
• In 2010, Madison (Best LC Award), Jeff Chen (MCP '11-'12)
• In 2012, Best ICX Award (WNC),
OGX Thunderbird Award for sustainability (SNC) OGX Comm F TM ER ICX show me your magic Jenny's family Allie's family Chanho's family Chanho, Colin
& Danielle's family Yilin Chen (OGX, Egypt)
Katie Christon (ER, Brazil)
Hanna Homestead (OGX, India)
Hanna Kim (ER, Czech Republic)
Pauline Michalik (BD, Brazil) Michaela Miller (OGX, Chile)
Teng Heong Ng (Comm, India)
C.J. Penkert (BD, China)
Chanho Eric Roh (TM, India)
Kathryn Wundrow (OGX, Colombia) through AIESEC Members went abroad Jess' family TNs that we are currently working with Mikuru (China) - 48 hour response to emails
- checking Podio daily
- ONLY call if it's something that can't wait,
otherwise use Podio/email for requests
- critical and engaged
- attendance
- positive attitude
- meeting deadlines
- communications
- dedication Expectations.. Marcio (Brazil)
*coming this Wednesday! where are they? where are they?
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