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COMM 4040: Love Your Body

No description

Laura Lynn Peck

on 31 January 2016

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Transcript of COMM 4040: Love Your Body

Love Your Body:
A Rhetorical Analysis

Advocate's Response
Annual Poster Contest

Love Your Body Week
1. Wander's Third Persona
"Those who are silenced or 'written out' of the public discourse."

2. Fraser's Counterpublics
"Parallel discursive arenas where members of subordinated social groups invent and circulate counterdiscourses..."

3. Pezullo's Pinkwashing
"...talk about women that does not necessarily empower women."
Include men.
Social problem
Advocate's response
Application of rhetorical theories
Alternative response
1. Wander's Third Persona
"...the beauty industry (and the media in general) tells women and girls..."

"The beauty template women are expected to follow..."

"...challenges the message that a woman's value..."

"objectification and sexualization of women in the media...:
2. Fraser's Counterpublics
1. Oppositionality
"The under-representation of women"
various races and ethnicities
gender stereotypes

2. Constitution of a discursive arena
"Help spread the word about the hazards of the media's narrow beauty ideals and sexualization of women and girls."

3. Participation in multiple publics
women and girls
college students
sexual harrassment
Social Problem
Unrealistic, unattainable beauty ideals for women
Promoting the pursuit of physical "perfection"
Change the
campus approach.
Application of
Rhetorical Theories
"We deserve to be really angry about the current state of affairs that has a fashion culture and media industry feeding us ideals that cause us to feel guilty for our hungers, obsessed with our appearance, and hating the very bodies that we need to sustain us."

Jane Shure, Huffington Post
3. Pezzullo's Pinkwashing
"...start by forwarding this page to friends and family..."

"Put your own thoughts about body image and media objectification into words on Facebook, Twitter...anywhere and everywhere!"

"Talk back to advertisers, members of the media, retail outlets, and companies when you see images that make you mad."
Love your body.
Love your SELF.
Alter the motto.
Include men.
Status quo harms
NOW Foundation's response
Rhetorical theories
1. Third Persona
2. Counterpublics
3. Pinkwashing
Alternative Response
1. Include men
2. Alter the motto
3. Change the campus approach
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