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2017 Soda Rocket

No description

Maureen Bevis

on 30 December 2017

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Transcript of 2017 Soda Rocket

The Team
Can we make a soda rocket?

Will regular soda or diet create a bigger reaction?
diet coke
mentos mints
geyser tube
Soda Rocket
We predicted the carbon dioxide will explode when we put the Mentos in. We thought the regular Coke would make a stronger reaction because it had 39 g of sugar. No sugar in the Diet Coke would have little fizz and barely any reaction.
Before we tested our rocket,we observed our Mentos mint. It had:
a bright white coating
minty smell
Step 1:
Before we took our experiment outside,we counted out 12 Mentos, put the pin in the geyser tube, and put the mints in the tube.

Sources of Error: 1 mint was larger and did not go in easily. We decided to change the mint and put in 1 that fit, or else, it may have gotten stuck in the tube and changed the results of our experiment.
Step 2
Once we got outside, we found a flat area and took the cap off the Coke. Then we carefully screwed on the geyser tube with the mints. Finally, the foam rocket was added.
Step 3
The team counted down as Cole pulled the pin so the mints released into the soda .
Step 4

Then we followed the same steps to prepare the Diet Coke reaction.
Step 5
We counted down again and watched how the mints reacted with the Diet Coke.
Our prediction was correct. The soda shot out of the bottle and launched the rocket. The Mentos sunk to the bottom, created more gas (carbon dioxide) pressure that wanted to escape the bottle so it pushes all the soda out.

Our second prediction was incorrect. The Diet Coke created a bigger reaction.
Why this Happens:
The outer coating of the Mentos is what was needed to cause the reaction. The bubbles form on the surface of the mints. Once they sunk to the bottom, the gas was released and pushed all of the liquid up and out of the bottle.
Both sodas caused a reaction. However, the Diet Coke worked a little better because the aspartame in the diet soda has less surface tension.
Also, another reason to choose the diet soda is because it is less messy to clean up. It does not have all the sugar regular soda does.
To Further Our Investigation:
This is how the mints
were alike...
minty smell
This is how they
were different...
no white coating

We observed the mints after they were in the soda:
Thank you!
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