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MBA Resumes & Employment Letters

No description

Kara Braniff Weller

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of MBA Resumes & Employment Letters

The same guidelines apply for every type of cover letter. Three types
Application letter
Applying for a specific job opportunity
Prospecting letter
Not applying for a posted job opportunity but a potential opening within the organization
Networking letter
Used when making a request for information or an informational interview
You are seeking their assistance Types of Cover Letters The MBA Resume &
Employment Letters Key Words, Action Verbs & High Impact Phrases
Joint Venture & Partnerships
Project Development & Construction Management
Mixed-Use Commercial, Retail, Residential & Investment Properties
Major Project Highlights
Contract Negotiations
Real Estate Workouts & Recovery
Asset & Portfolio Management
Regulatory & Government Affairs
Environmental Management & Remediation
ROI Analysis & Performance Real Estate Key Words, Action Verbs & High Impact Phrases
New Product & Technology Launches
New Market Penetration
Multicultural Marketing Initiatives
Strategic Alliances & Co-Marketing
Joint Ventures
Product Lifecycle Management
Cross-Functional Team Leadership
Market Research, Industry & Trend Analysis
Competitive Market Intelligence
Strategic Market Planning & Positioning
Product Development & Pricing
Product Introduction
Business Development Marketing Key Words, Action Verbs & High Impact Phrases
Productivity & Efficiency Improvements
Cost Savings & Long-Term Avoidance
Cross-Functional Team Building & Leadership
Materials Management & MRP Systems
TQM, Quality Assurance & ISO 9000
Technology & Manufacturing Automation
Process Redesign & Workflow Simplification
New Plant Start-Up
Capital & Facilities Improvement
Product Development & Manufacturability Manufacturing Key Words, Action Verbs & High Impact Phrases
Distribution & Warehousing Operations
Integrated Logistics Management
Productivity & Quality Improvements
Cost Reduction & Avoidance
Distribution Channel Development
Transportation & Fleet Management
Materials & Resource Management
Team Building & Leadership
Process Redesign & Automation
Order Entry & Fulfillment Logistics Key Words, Action Verbs & High Impact Phrases
Global Marketing & Business Development
Sales & Profit Growth
Market Share Improvements
Public & Private Partnerships
Mergers & Acquisitions
Joint Ventures
New Market Development & Optimization
Cross-Cultural Communication & Management
Multilingual Negotiations
International Account Relationship Management International Marketing & Development Key Words, Action Verbs & High Impact Phrases
New Media, Internet & Online Technologies
Client/Server & Database Technology
Telecommunications Technology
Process Redesign & Automation
Software Acquisition & Customization
User Training & Support
Operating Cost Reductions
Technology Outsourcing
Systems Design & New Technology Development
Information Systems Technology Information Systems & Technology Key Words, Action Verbs & High Impact Phrases
Guest Services & Public Relations
Revenue & Profit Improvement
Occupancy Increases
Capital Improvement & Renovation
Corporate, Association & Group Sales Achievements
Operating & Labor Cost Reductions
Quality & Service Awards & Recognition
Technology Enhancements
New Property Development & Start-Up
Amenities Programs Hospitality Key Words, Action Verbs & High Impact Phrases
Finance & Administrative Management
Increased Budget Appropriations
Policy & Procedure Development
Regulatory & Legislative Compliance
Constituent Development & Relations
Consensus Building
Contract Negotiations & Administration
Public & Private Partnerships
Municipal Service Operations
Economic & Business Development Programs Government Key Words, Action Verbs & High Impact Phrases
Labor Cost Savings
Food Cost Controls
Purchasing & Supplier Negotiations
Menu Development & Profitable Pricing
Productivity Improvement
Guest Relations & Retention
Staff Training & Development
Multi-Site Operations Management
New Site Start-Up
Special Events Food & Beverage Key Words, Action Verbs & High Impact Phrases
Cost Reduction & Profit Improvement
Information Systems Development & Implementation
Investment, Acquisition & Capital Financings
Corporate Administration
Cost Accounting & General Accounting Processes
Streamlining & Reengineering Projects
Cast Management, Treasury & FX
Debt Reductions
IPOs & Secondary Offerings
High-Profile Contract Negotiations Finance - Corporate Key Words, Action Verbs & High Impact Phrases
Environmental & Engineering Project Management
Regulatory Affairs & Compliance
Energy Generation & Cogeneration Projects
Site Remediation & Hazardous Materials Management
Resource Recovery & Conservation
Systems & Technologies
Public, Private & Institutional Funding
Cost Reduction & Avoidance
Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances & Partnerships
Marketing, Business Development & Revenue Growth Energy & Environmental Affairs Key Words, Action Verbs & High Impact Phrases
Project Planning & Execution
Major Projects & Quantifiable Results
Major Clients (if not confidential)
Operations Turnaround
Quality, Efficiency & Productivity Improvements
Interim Executive Positions
Client Presentations & Contract Negotiations
Marketing & New Business Development
Matrix Management & Team Leadership
Performance Reengineering & Change Management Consulting Key Words, Action Verbs & High Impact Phrases
Revenue & Profit Increases
Operating Cost Reductions
New Services & New Products
Technology Installations
New Sources of Fee Income
Asset & Portfolio Development & Management
Bad Debt Recovery & Workout
Large/High-Profile Financial Transactions
Reorganization & Consolidation
Regulatory Performance Banking Key Words, Action Verbs & High Impact Phrases
Board & Foundation Relations
Staff Training & Leadership
Operating Cost Reductions
Member Services Development & Delivery
Revenue Success
Legislative & Regulatory Affairs
Public & Private Partnerships
Capital Giving & Fundraising
Member Communications
Press Affairs, Public Affairs & Public Relations Non-Profit Management Category: Accounting & Audit Key Words, Action Verbs & High Impact Phrases
General Accounting & Cost Accounting
Accounting Information Systems Technology
Cost Reductions & Avoidance
Financial Planning Analysis & Reporting
Internal & External Audit Management
Budgeting, Forecasting & Projections
Process Design & Efficiency Improvement
Integrated Accounting Systems & Consolidation
Banking & Cash Flow Management
Credit & Collections Management Put your resume, cover letter and reference sheet on matching resume paper
Use the same font on all documents
Proofread before sending out
If you submit online, follow up with a hard copy in a large envelope (9x12) Packaging your Application Materials Many say the purpose of a resume is to…

WRONG! The purpose of a resume is to get an interview with the employer. Purpose of a Resume Typical
Style Cover Letters:
Use business letter format and writing style
Address it to an individual within the organization whenever possible
In ToreroLink the contact name can be found either with the job description or within the company contact information
If you can not find the name be sure to ask a member of the career services staff Addressing your Cover Letter Purpose of Your Cover Letter
Marketing tool
Invitation to persuade a hiring professional to read your resume
Specifically match your qualifications to the needs of the employer
Demonstrate communication skills Key Words, Action Verbs & High Impact Phrases
Multi-Unit/Multi-Site Operations Management
Profit & Loss Management/Optimization
Merchandising & Product Mix
Customer Service Management
Special Events Planning & In-Store Promotions
Loss Prevention & Recovery
Buying, Warehousing & Distribution
Sales Training , Teaming & Leadership
Facilities Development, Management & Renovation
Franchising & Product Licensing Retail Key Words, Action Verbs & High Impact Phrases
Revenue & Profit Growth
New Clinical Services & Provider Networks
New Revenue Generating Programs & Ventures
Managed Care Programs
Technology Implementation
Capital Project Management
Risk Management
Regulatory Affairs & Compliance
Health Care Policy
Health Care Service Delivery & Administration Health Care Key Words, Action Verbs & High Impact Phrases
Strategic Planning & Development
Mergers & Acquisitions
High-Profile Dealmaking & Transactions
Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances
IPOs & Secondary Offerings
Marketing & New Business Development
Investor, Bank & Venture Capital “Road Shows”
Financial Analysis & Projections
Technology/Product Transfers & Licensing
Revenue & Profit Growth Corporate Development Key Words, Action Verbs & High Impact Phrases
Advertising Agency Relations
Major Campaigns & Client Projects
Internet & New Media Campaigns
VIP Relations
Press Relations & Coverage
Corporate Communications
Revenue & Profit Increases
Special Events Management
Crisis Communications
Employee Communications Advertising & Public Relations Fast Tracker
Global Business Development
International Business Expansion
Matrix Management
Mergers and Acquisitions
Negotiating strategic alliances
Organizational leadership
Outperforming global competition
Outsourcing operations
Partnerships and joint ventures
Performance revitalization
Proactive change agent or change catalyst
Process redesign and optimization Power Words and Phrases Accelerating Revenue Growth
Aggressive Turnaround Leadership
Best-in-Class Operations
Capturing Cost Reductions
Competitively Positioning Products, Services and Technologies
Continuous Improvement
Cross-Cultural Communications
Cross-Culturally Sensitive
Cross-Functional Team Leadership
Distinguished Performance
Driving product development and innovation
E-Commerce and E-Business
Emerging Ventures
Entrepreneurial drive and vision
High level presentations and negotiations Power Words and Phrases What did you do?
(1) Developed strategic level marketing analysis
How did you do it?
(2) Utilizing creative and interactive web design
Did you do it well?
(3) Resulting in increased product sales by 20% Creating Statements Concise, scannable, and capture employer’s interest
Organized in order of importance
Must focus on requirements of the position
Action oriented using high impact verbs/adverbs
Use industry specific terminology when possible
Must contain quantified success statements
Be precise and professional
Master of Business Administration not Masters of Business Administration or MBA Essentials for Success Appreciate the volume of letters recruiters receive Do not sound arrogant
I am the perfect candidate
I will take you from good to great
I match all your qualifications

Have unrealistic expectations
I want to lead your strategy in XYZ What “Not to Do” It is the art of selling yourself while stroking the ego of the company

Research the company and know your strengths to make a compelling case that there is a connection between you and the company The Art of the Cover Letter
Looks great and easy to navigate
Industry specific terminology
Chronological order
Action oriented high impact verbs
Results oriented
One page when possible
Clear job focus Resume Essentials Review “Your company’s culture is based on three values of teamwork, commitment, and innovation. These are things that I also highly value and feel that I would be a good fit within your organization.” Why will you thrive with this organization?
What organizational values do you share?
Can you make a connection back to the ones that you posses? Culture Fit The same guidelines apply for every type of cover letter. Three types
Application letter
Applying for a specific job opportunity
Prospecting letter
Not applying for a posted job opportunity but a potential opening within the organization
Networking letter
Used when making a request for information or an informational interview
You are seeking their assistance Types of Cover Letters Skill Action Verbs   NOT just a list of activities “Collaborated with internal stakeholders to ensure that a financial model used to justify a $5.9 million electrical transformer purchase and installation was accurate and complied with corporate policies.”
“Identified process gaps and led a project team of three people which resulted in reduced container storage costs by 87%.” Emphasizing Impact A structured and focused document that makes a direct connection between the needs of the employer and how you can meet those needs
How can I best match what the
employer wants and what I have to offer?
What does the
employer want?
What interests, skills,
experiences do I have? Your professional marketing tool that makes a direct connection Your Resume - Your Advertisement STATEMENTS SHOULD RELATE TO FOUR GENERAL AREAS DESIGNING


















DATA ENTRY THINGS PEOPLE MONEY INFORMATION Statements of skills/abilities under your categories particularly in the Related Experience category are crucial in convincing the employer to take a second look at you...this is a simple approach to creating those statements! Kara Weller, MBA Career Development Manager Small Groups
You are the Hiring Managers!
Resume in MBA format uploaded to Blackboard by 9/7.
Cover letter uploaded by 9/7.
Bring copies to class. Activity
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