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Business Plan(FBLA)

Pizza My Heart

Katie Stern

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Business Plan(FBLA)

Pizza My Heart Washington State FBLA
Business Plan
2012-2013 By:
Katie Stern
Nathan Burley
Breanna Thieren Executive Summary Company Description Industry Analysis Target Market Competition Marketing Plan
& Sales Strategy Operations Management
& Organiation Long-Term
Development Financials Pizza My Heart will be run by three main managers Area Map: Calendar 75% of students like pizza and would rather buy local food than school food Consumers are interested in:
Where their food comes from
How it is produced
Value Data from Packaged Facts Survey 2012
97% of U.S. teens eat pizza
93% have gotten pizza from a fast food restaurant in the past 12 months Map Competitor's Strengths
Existing business
Positive Reviews
Knowledgable of industry Competitor's Weaknesses
Part of chain not shown to do as well
Mediocre staff
Unsanitary establishment
Lack of seating Mission Statement The mission of Pizza My Heart is to serve our clientele authentic Italian cuisine with a high level of customer service in an appealing setting, at a reasonable price. Advertising:
Ads on popular radiostations
Newspaper Ads
Selling pizza at local high school
Pizza for good grades at local high school
Others (as needed) Pizza My Heart will require our customers to give a full payment upfront Whole Pizza:
Made after purchase
Individual Slices:
Premade and stored in warmers Managers will arrive an hour before their shifts
Cross-trained employees
11:00 P.M. closing time Equipment:
Spokane Restaurant Equipment (as needed)
Food Services of America (weekly) Uses of Technology Cash Register- To hold the money
Computer- To help with taxes
Television- For customers' enjoyment
Wireless Internet- To help students
Website- For customers' questions The human resources are trustworthy people who will be there for any problems that arise Incentive pay: a method that directly rewards employees for their increased sales or efficiency We plan to perform updating procedures and add value to our restaurant We wish to:
Buy the building
Start up a franchise
Become a strong publicly traded business in the stock market
Increase the number of employees per restaurant We plan on using Microsoft Office Excel to keep track of all of our financials. We took equipment costs, our lease, supplies and extra money for unplanned costs into consideration Coca-cola will provide us
with coupons, boxes, and cups. General Partnership: each individual receives tax allowances, and legal ownership Start-up Expenses Legal $1,200
Kitchen Inventory $6,000
Packing Materials $1,500
Kitchen Equipment $20,000
Insurance $1,500
Rent $2,000
Promotion $1,800
Other Expensed Equipment $5,000
Business Sign $3,000
Permits $1,500
Office Supplies $1,000
Other $3,000 Total Start-up Expenses $47,500 Start-up Assets Cash Required $10,000
Start-up Inventory $15,000
Other Current Assets $9,000
Long-term Assets $50,000 Total Assets $84,000 Total Requirements $131,500 Start-up Funding Start-up Expenses to Fund $47,500
Start-up Assets to Fund $84,000 Total Funding Required $131,500 Our target market makes up 15% of all restaurants in Spokane, WA The current market is struggling
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