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Welcome to SIMS!

No description

Ben Massey

on 3 January 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to SIMS!

Welcome to

One of the reasons that SIMS saves time is that it is able to do a lot of the analysis for you.
A copy of the instructions. These are all saved in:
Teachers/assessment/SIMs data entry
As you may have noticed, preparing for PPMs can be a little time consuming!
SIMS can (and is ready to) save us a lot of time when inputting and analysing our data.
So reason 1 for using SIMS is: To save us time!
You enter your data for the term
and then can look at that data in a number of different ways.
SIMS creates and populates tracking sheets, which can be easily filtered to show vulnerable groups, so you won't need to add any codes or check on SIMS (!) for KS1 or entry data.
This makes it simple for you to spot and target any groups in need of extra support or challenges.
"This software sounds like the bees knees! I'm desperate to take a look at it!"
(Nick Grimshaw)
We'll have another staff meeting later in the term to look in more detail about how to present and export data for PPMs.
You will need:
Your SIMs login details
Your Autumn term tracking documents
Your year group partner(s)
Today we're all going to enter our Autumn term and year group target data into SIMS pathways.
Look at your data in tracking sheets and try some of the filters.
A computer with SIMS installed
Simon before PPMs:
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