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Classification of Plants

Matthayom 1 - Supplementary Science

SBWEP Saraburi

on 24 June 2011

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Transcript of Classification of Plants

Classification Plants of Plant Kingdom Flowering Plants Non-flowering Plants Monocotyledons Dicotyledons They have all have
roots and stems
vascular tissues
flowers and fruits Mosses Ferns Gymnosperms They DO NOT
produce flowers MOSSES Examples of SPORES Mosses... - are the most simple plants
- do not have true roots
- do not have vascular tissues
- have simple stems and leaves
- have rhizoids for anchorage
- have spores from capsules
- live in damp areas Ferns have a leaf that is finely divided into small parts, an underground stem, and roots They also have spore-producing organs under the leaves - roots, feathery leaves & underground stems
- have vascular tissues
- Spore-producing organ on the underside of leaves
- likes damp & shady places Gymnosperms -They have
needle-like leaves
-Have roots and
a woody stem
-Produces cones
-They live in dry
places Monocotyledons Mono = ONE Cotyledon = Seed leaf/part ONE SEED LEAF One seed leaf Leaves have parallel veins parallel veins parallel veins herbaceous plants EXAMPLES of mocotyledons Dicotyledons two seed-leaves leaves have veins in a network mango tree, sunflower PLANT CLASSIFICATION Flowering Non-flowering Spore-bearing Cone-bearing 1 seed-leaf 2 seed-leaves No roots With roots Mosses Ferns Gymnosperms Monocotyledons Dicotyledons
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