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Dennis Rader: The BTK killer

No description

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Dennis Rader: The BTK killer

Dennis Rader: The BTK killer
Early years
-Born inWitchita Kansas, March 9, 1945.
- oldest of four boys
- was active in the boy scouts and his church youth group.
Dennis claims to have been dropped on his head as a child, which brain trauma has been shown to occur in serial killers.
- when he reached school, he claims he had unnatural urges, he began to strangle local cats and dogs. He developed fantasies about bondage, torture, and control while still in grade school.
The Way out
What is Psychopathy?
a mental disorder in which an individual manifests immoral and antisocial behavior, lacking the ability to love or maintaining meaningful relationships, extreme egocentricity, and failure to learn from past experiences.. just to name a few.
-Graduated high school in 1963.
-Went off to college and tried to re-invent himself as more of an extrovert by joining a fraternity.
- He began to search for victims, and broke into houses.
Seems Normal
He joined the air-force at the ripe age of 21, in 1966.
- He attained the rank of sargeant, which seemed like an accomplishment for someone of his nature.
- He started using local prostitutes while in the force, but his bondage activities were rejected.

In 1971, Dennis married Paula Dietz.
- 1973 he started his studies at Witchita State University.
- He learned that he had a learning disability, and had very poor grammr.
- in late 1974, he became unemployed and slipped into his fantasy, of what it would be like to kill someone.
The Murders
-His first murder was supposed to be Julie and Josephine Otero, but when he broke into the house, the whole family was home. So he excecuted them all. He bound and strangled them all.
-He began to get sexually excited with his dead victims.
- Next victim was Kathryn Bright, she was 21. He stalked her and broke into her home. Her brother was home, Rader shot him, but he survived. Kathryn died in the hospital.
- He wrote to the media and told them his name from there on out would be BTK.
- He was afraid of being caught, so BTK wasn't heard from again until 2004, except for a letter he wrote in 1988.
- He went on to kill more fragile women in his later killings. He saw them as more vulnerable and easier to bind.
Marine Hedge; a widow who lived down the street.
He called all his victims "projects", he didn't portray them as real people.
Vicki Wegerle, a 28 year old mother of two. Dennis would walk down the street and pass by their house everyuday.
He got a job with a security conmpany, so he could learn how to get into house almost undetected.
BTK is Back
He ceased on the killing for some time, but when he got wind of a lawyer writing a book on BTK, he was furious. He was in charge of his story, nobody else!
The detectives got him to speak about his crimes by feeding his alter Ego.He had a strong need to be accepted by the Cops. He was sentenced to no less than 175 years in prison., and not eligible for parole until 2180.
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