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Open House Chemistry 2015

No description

Oskar Cymerman

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of Open House Chemistry 2015

Woodbury High School Open House 9/10/15
Contact Info:
Scope & Sequence
Mr. Cymerman - Chemistry
So once

1. Introduction to Chemistry/Review of Scientific methods
2. Measuring/Conversions/Significant Figures
3. Atomic Structure/Quantum Mechanics/Periodicity
4. Chemical Bonding
5. Nomenclature
6. Mole Concept
7. Chemical Reactions
8. Stoichiometry
9. States of Matter
10. Gas Laws
11. Solution Chemistry
12. Thermodynamics
13. Kinetics and Equilibrium
14. Acid/Base Chemistry
15. Organic Chemistry
16. Nuclear Chemistry
Oskar Cymerman
Chemistry Teacher - Room 123
Phone: 651-425-5432
email: ocymerma@sowashco.org
50% tests and quizzes
10% final exam
30% lab reports
10% daily assignments
1. Go to: https://imoodle.district833.org/
2. Click next - my chemistry is on pg. 3
3. Click on: Cymerman Chemistry
4. Choose Guest Login and Voila!
Accessing Assignments, Class Notes, HW on Line
Originally from Poland
Grew up on the mean streets of Chicago
High school and college in Chicago
Moved to MN 8 years ago, live in MPLS
Married/20 month old son Adam

who am i?
13th year as a teacher
4 years in the school of hard knocks a.k.a. Chicago Public
2 years in St. Paul middle schools
6th year at WHS
Teach Chemistry and Principles of Engineering
Robotics Team Advisor – Team 3206 “Royal T-Wrecks”

Teaching Career
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