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bmajik org

on 26 May 2015

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We are performing The Intention Experiment to observe the effects of specific patterns of experience over time and how that relates to changing our reality. We use Nature as a guide for this process as we see specific patterns in Nature all the time.

There are frequencies within Nature that create structure. We can see evidence of this through Cymatics, where we use sound waves to create patterns in a material. Each frequency has a different geometric pattern and they grow in complexity as the frequencies increase.

When action (which is creation-nothing into something) is done this also produces frequencies (brain waves) which are at a very high level. We want to observe what is possible with this high level of thought over time when focus and repeated.

We know that actions physically affects reality, but thoughts can also affect reality. This can be seen in the Placebo affect where patients heal themselves because they "think" they are getting medicine when they are in fact just given a sugar pill. With no active ingredient to heal them in their bodies, the only explanation of their recovery is that they believed the medication would work and the body healed itself. This is a widely known but not fully understood phenomenon.


What do you want to do specifically? What does that look like on a recurring basis? How would your ideal day-to-day look and most importantly what would that experience be like?

We want to mimic the experience throughout the process and set some times up where we begin a cycle again is possible.

We visualize what we will accomplish at a high level and we encourage you to share your vision or make it public. That only increases your chances and it also can hold you accountable.

Also Dream. Stretch your imaginations legs. See what you think is possible and let it go. It is just outcome of an infinite number, but it, allows you to engage the creative juices.

Be creative in how you express your vision.
There is a lot of creative freedom in this process.

Do you have what's necessary to finish your goals now? This includes time, money and any other thing needed for you to complete your goals.

We are setting ourselves up for success from the start. Plan around issues that we can forsee and any roadblocks we can think about.

Structure is important. This allows us to know the tasks at hand and know the importance of it to reach our destination.

We have to ensure that we have the means to sustain the duration needed.

At some point you will have to take action. This is the personal responsibility and commitment to yourself. This is the energy that you will expend to get things in return and you can only count on you to do it and do it right for yourself.

Whether it's mental work or physical work, it doesn't matter, there will be work involved. And the feedback of work can be unpleasant.

This prevents some people from working out because of the pain associated with lifting weights. They know how to do it but the feedback or experience necessary to create that change is unpleasant for them. That feedback is temporary and we need to have the mindset that the experience of health is worth it.

We have to get out of our heads and act on what we know to be true and what will help us. This is the time to make the changes that you been wanting to and experience what the other side of the journey feels like.
We've started, but not all races are sprints. The finish line may be a ways off and you'll need to pace yourself.

The goal is just to finish and since there is no added pressure of competition you can relax. The pace is yours.

We keep momentum through each step and gain confidence through their repetition.

My goals are achievable and realistic as well as my schedule and Vision Plan.

I have the capability and everything I need now to complete the goal, it's just a matter of time before I an accomplish it.

I know if I complete my tasks I will reach my goal and increase the probability of my experience becoming my reality.My roadblocks to success are not physical.

I have no expectations other than completing my goal. I have no idea how this will work, but that's not my problem. I'm doing my part to help Nature help me.


You can fill in "blanks" with the words of your choice and it may or many not be true. We have no issues with truth as you see, but sometimes it's what we think is true and we have no proof.

Answer these questions for yourself:

How do you know?
Have your tried?
How Hard?
For How Long?
How many times?

If it is true then we only focus on what we can do not what we can't. That's waisted enegy.

If you are reading this you have time.

Question is how much do you have and what do you do with it?

You may have very little, but create your plans based on the time you do have now while trying to manage your time better.

If you don’t know what you are passionate about or how to experience it, then your job is to imagine what your ideal life would be like.

What would you do? Think about how to get the experience on the level you are at right now. What does that take? Or look at who does what you like now and how you can mimic that experience?

You have, you will, so what? You're not prefect, in order to get to this point you had to fail at soemthing.

In order to find out how to walk, you have to find out first how not to fall. You succeeded in finding out how not to do something. Now don't do that same thing that failed (increasing odds for success) and see what else happens.

If you were trying to flip a coin to get heads and got tails on the first try would you quit and say you failed or try again knowing that the heads would show up eventually? Think of that coin as having yesses and no’s. Just because you get a no first doesn’t mean there isn’t a yes waiting on the next flip.





Ultimately we want the experience of what we are trying to create or accomplish. We use goals that can be accomplished to structure a vision plan that show a clear process from start and finish.

Within that plan, we break our goals down into smaller tasks that give us the experience we wish to have now, while contributing to the attainable goal to complete the cycle.

We complete the tasks to the best of our ability and repeat the process multiple times if possible (creating a cycle and pattern). This will vary depending on your goal.

Reoccurring tasks help keeps the momentum and pace. They also help close the cycles so it can be repeated again and the experience of all aspects can be gained.

We go into action knowing that it increases the probabilities of us realizing our experience and our goals are inevitable. We have no expectations on the effects of our accomplished goals. We observe how Nature responds to the experience in all of the ways it can.

High Level Goal
Create non-profit organization
Have a Vision Plan for your goals.

Focus only on action oriented goals, that are in your direct control and within your means.

Answers the question, What is the experience that I'm trying to get and what can I do now with with what I have to mimic it now?
Set a rhythm to your schedule so you can maintain a pace and get full cycle of the experience

Drop expectations of anything that is not within your control.

Create a simple, realistic schedule and commit only to what you are capable of that directly impacts and supports your goals and experience.

Your schedule should be based on the time you have available, mimics the experiences you want to have and is designed for success.

Make time for yourself!

We have put quite a bit of thought into this and would like to test a theory we have to improve the probability of you reaching your goals.

There are various ways to get to your goal and we do not know them all or which ones are best for you. We want to leave all possibilities open (as Nature does) and only provide a framework that you customize. If the goal is possible it is by definition attainable, the question is how?

It will vary for everyone and depends on where you are now. Our protocol is designed to help you to create your precise map and thought process for your specific journey.

This culminates years of research of observation and now we want to test out the theory. This Prezi is a high level explanation of the process.
This is going through the discomfort that keeps a lot of people on stuck.

This is the action.

Where the rubber meets the road and where the plan gets executed.
This is important to you
You've proved you can do it
You have means to do it
You have the time to do it
You have no expectations on the results
Your are only trying to help yourself

Nature does not worrying about failure. If it doesn't like the outcome or it's not supported it fades and what works is supported. You learn when you associate the outcome with the action and change your action to experience a different outcome.

The mistake was teaching you a way not to do it. Just don't reapeat it and you're one step closer to finding out how to do it. Think of it as a process of elimination of wrong way to do something.

How would you know you were not succeeding, if it takes a while for results to manifest in your experience? You can't expect a six pack from one sit up can you? It's a process.

Let's push the odds in our favor.


Hopefully this brief introduction gives you an idea of the process and theory. If you wish to see it in action (actually the fact that you are reading this means it's in action) you can see the bmajik Prezi which puts into action these principles in detail as well as the Prezi templates available to personalize.

It's totally free and available online with free resourcesand if you willing to join us officially visit bmajik.org/protocol to see the information and how to participate.

We want this process to be free and open. There are no agendas with us and our intent is to find the truth and what we can affect. The more participants and the more information we can gather, the better.

If we collectively find a method that helps us better our chances at reaching our goals, even slightly, we could bring a little more happiness into the world and it doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to figure out that's a good thing.

Action is thought manifested physically so not only do you affect the mental space (through brain waves) but the physical as well. We keep the action focused and structured so that it mimics the feeling we want as closely as possible while working towards an achievable goal (to complete a cycle). That experience is repeated as often as possible so we get the full range of it (start, middle, end) multiple times.

We are closer to making new discoveries into what is possible within Nature as we ever where. With the theories of holographic and parallel universes, the ideas of science fiction are being studied more seriously. We are looking at everyday ways that you and I can use these concepts to change our personal realities.

Since we have no expectation on how it can happen, we do not mentally put a restraint on how Nature can make it happen (and that in itself increases our probabilities of it happening). Nature can continue to manifest things in the bizarre ways that it does now with no limits from us. We still will not understand it, but maybe we could experience or measure it.


Each Atom that makes it all up is OVER
99.99999% empty space. It's basically empty.

If you took all the empty space away from all humans on the planet, they estimate we would all fit inside a sugar cube, that will be an interesting smelling cube also.

And that under .00001%, we're still looking for something solid! The elementary particles break down into further elements which are probabilities as well.

It's full of Rabbit holes it seems.
If there is roadblock see if it's real. If it is, find another route. If it isn't real we ignore it. IF we don't know if it's real, we test it.

Have you ever tested the mental roadblocks to see how strong they were? Those beliefs and voices that block you, have you ever challenged them?

Know which roadblocks are mental and which ones are real.

Being courageous does not mean that you do not have fear, it means that you ignore it and do it anyway.
I like 'em big!
No Matter where you are in the world at the moment what your beliefs are, we can agree on a couple things at the core. That we are here, we are on this planet. How we got here is still a mystery to most but religion and science try to explain from their persepctives. Whatever you believe your origins to be, we can agree at least that we are all here now. Welcome.

How we got "here" is a mystery that we have been trying to answer for a long time.

Religion and Science both try to explain the mystery from their perspectives.

What they both seen to agree on is that something came from nothing. How that mechanism works is still debated but the mechanism is not.

Nature is not debated. Nature is true and can be experienced Now. Nature's foundation and origins, are all that we are debating.

Nature has no borders, dogma, or currency.

It's ecosystem is a complex web of life that tries to maintain balance.

It is the only thing in the vastness of space that keeps us alive .

It is our one and only home
We are literally in the same boat (spaceship earth)

Nature is everything we see and interact with; and its processes.

It is everything not made by humans, as we can only make things from Nature. We are just rearranging, modifying, transforming and discovering what was already here.

Nature is precise and mathematical yet random and chaotic. It creates, destroys and recycles. It can seem very loving at times and indifferent at others.

We are within Nature's complex system and are proof of its intelligence. It is an enigma. It is very mysterious, and behaves in ways even our smartest minds do not understand yet.

You and I are here and experiencing this bizarre world that existed before us all.

It was already here and functioning (just as it does now) before we got here.

We call what it does Natural, and what makes it up Nature.
What can we agree on as universal.....

We've seen through Quantum Mechanics that Nature's basic elements can do things that would be not be considered "natural". However since we observe them and they are repeatable, we expand our definitions of what's possible to include these events no matter how unexplainable they are or were.

Science is verifying what's true or what's natural. However, Science can only verify things that it can measure or observe. Some forces and phenomenon may beyond our instruments or normal observation to verify if they are "real".

Nature is able to explore all possibilities at once at the Quantum Level. When we try to see how this possible we collapse the wave of probabilities into one and only one possibility is shown. It's an enigma and the quantum world, and that world makes up ours.

If Nature's foundation is not fixed, and if all possibilities exist now, Which one are we in and can we change it?

There were probabilities and decesions made to get you to this point. It was a process. You got here ;)
There are probabilities and decisions to be made to get here. It also is a process. You can get here also ;)
The action is only a means to an end. Experience is the direct feedback we get from Nature. That's how we know something has changed.

Action gives a immediate experience, feedback or feeling. We want to match the feeling we want to have in the future (when our goal is complete or during the process) as close as we can right now. We repeat that feeling to create a pattern.

In essence we are projecting into Nature via our brain waves the experience we wish to receive at the highest level we can, creation. So we have to do something to broadcast at the highest level. That action creates a pattern and that pattern is unique to you.

Will Nature respond? If so, how? We don't know. While we may not understand all the mechanics at work, we wanted to see what is observable if anything.

The odds of winning anything increases with the number of tries.

We absolutely improve our chances to complete something by increasing our numbers of times we try.

Just working towards the goal will open up possibilities that didn't exist before because you were active.

We let Nature stucture itself based on our patterns of thought and actions and observe the effects.

We have seen experiments such as Dr. Emoto's and the well documented Placebo effect that show that thoughts can effect matter and even bodies.

We also know that matter is made up of things that aren't exactly solid. Locations of atoms are probabilities waves that are collapsed by the observers (you and I).

We are pretty much "rendering" the world in our heads as we go. This has prompted compelling holographic universe and multiple dimension theories to try to explain the way it works, which is currently being tested.

If there are multiple dimensions (as science doesn't rule out) can we switch to one that has the experience we wish? If it was extremely close to this one (but with minute changes), How would we know? Maybe through mimicry of feelings and action we can shift (every slightly) our dimensions over time until we end up in the one that matches our experience. The dimension where you are on top!
9/6/14 - Glad I got your attention, finally! You're a curious one aren't you? We love that cause this ins't exactly advertised unless you play around with it. Sorry for the loud colors, but cool that you're here, the others will be more suttle I promise. These will be updates I put in as time progresses on this Prezi, making it a living document. I'll also not explain the others... blah blah blah. Happy hunting Sketchembruh!

You found some thoughts free floating out here. Check this out. Your name isn't actually what you're called. You have no name and are actually quite unexplainable. You're just playing along because it's easier. There is only one of you in the entire world, though there may be many worlds, or parallel universes but you are a unique expression of Nature or some would say all that is since Nature is a name. But hey we won't get into semantics right.

Anyway think about it. When you name a child they eventually just accept that's who they are, they don't know any better and everybody in the entire world calls you Richky so then you think your name was Ricky.

Imagine if
call you Sketchumbruh (I had to make up something that most people probably aren't named) tomorrow?
IF everyone in the world
called you that now, how long will it take before you question if that is your real name? You may start to get delusional and maybe enentually you'll play along because it's easier for you then trying to convince everybody that you name is something else. Evnetually they'll still say Hey Sketchumbruh! and after saying "that's not my name a couple of million times, you say "What".

Your name is closer to #Sketchumbruh than your actual one...
9/6/14-This ones suttle I know. So I gotta make it good. If God knows everything right now then God knows exactly how you feel right now no matter how ungodly you feel, becuase you cannot feel anything that God cannot.
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