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Stealing Freedom

2012 summer reading

Natalie Corson

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of Stealing Freedom

By: Natalie Corson Stealing Freedom The story of Stealing Freedom is told in indirect characterization. I know this because it tells the story through Ann Maria Weem's thoughts and feelings. Stealing Freedom, opens in the town of Unity, Maryland in 1853 when slavery was a way of life in much of the United States. The setting takes you on a slaves journey on the underground railroad from Maryland,New Jersey, New York to her final destination, Dresden, Canada. Stealing Freedom is an exciting story of a young slave girl and the people who helped her to find freedom using the underground railroad. Characterization Setting Plot Rising Action


Falling Action rising action Climax Falling Action Ann finally makes it to Dresden, Canada where she lives with her aunt and uncle as a free girl. Ann starts school for the first time in her life. She is eventually re-united with her love, Alfred. They are married a short time later.

Stealing Freedom is based on a true story. Resolution Ann is united with her aunt and uncle in Dresden, Canada. Ann reaches the Canadian border pursued by slave catchers. Ann and her family are slaves belonging to Master Charles. When Master Charles decides to move to the city, he sells Ann's parents and her sister to Mr. Bigelow. He granted them their freedom. Ann knows if she ever has a chance of seeing her family again she must run away, but that means leaving her love, Alfred. With the help of Mr. Bigelow and the people involved with the Underground Railroad, Ann embarks on a journey to Canada, where slavery is not allowed. Period: 1-2
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