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This prezi has EVERYTHING you need to know about minecraft!!!!!!!!!!

Carl Powers

on 24 February 2015

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this is a cool prezi
minecraft is a
cool game where
you try not to die

there are
the first one is
the zombie.
then the skeleton.
then the renowned
the enderman is next.
the silverfish is
very small and annoying
then spiders that climb walls
guardians are new
a passive mob
is a sheep
then the cow
which gives you armor
the pig is
above all
then a bird called
a chicken
cats are awesome
because they
fend off creepers
squids are very derpy
wolves kill everything but creepers for you
bunnies are cute
ghasts live in the nether
blazes spit fire
magma cubes are nether slimes
zombie pigmen live in groups
wither skeletons turn your hearts black
there are 3 BOSSES
the enderdragon is the hardest
the elder guardian lives underwater
the wither has 3 heads
there are so many blocks!!!!!!!!!!!!
dirt is useless
stone is for furnaces
or tools
wood is for everything
there are many ores
zoom in and stuff
there are monster spawners
there is nether blocks
and plants
liquids are hot
is from lava
and water
some stuff
gives off light
and cold
minecraft has lots of food
there is cake
it's a lie
bread is from wheat
you can grow melons
meats are there too!
fish is wet
pie gives you the most hearts
some stuff is bad for you
some stuff is GOLDEN!

Aaron miner
Itzel towner
Created by Charles Kewish
PLEASE LIKE!!!!!!!!!
There are many biomes in the overworld...
The plains biome is where most people live
many animals spawn here too
The desert biome is completely sand, not many people live here.
Animals don't spawn here.
Lots of animals spawn in the forest
The forest biome has lots of trees, so many people choose to live near a forest.
The extreme hills biome has very steep, and tall hills, and few trees
Not too many animals spawn here
The snow biome is covered in trees, and snow, also an abundant source of wood
Many animals spawn here
There is another type of snow biome, it's called the snow plains, it's a snow biome with no trees.
Jungle biomes are so thick that sometimes monsters spawn in the day
this is the only place where ocelots spawn
there are many other biomes
like mesa, and ocean
the nether is like the underworld, it's extremely dangerous, and it is full of fire and lava
The End is a floating island in The Void. it is home to enderman
There is so much more stuff you can discover in the world of minecraft, from Carl Powers, goodbye!
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