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Impact of IDEA on Public Education [Shared]

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Ali Alatas

on 7 May 2016

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Transcript of Impact of IDEA on Public Education [Shared]

Impact of IDEA on Public Education
EDUD 6307:
Policy Issues and School Law: Global Perspective
Hadeel Alawad
Arkontaky, A. J. (2009). An overview of special education Law. Hudson Valley Business Journal, 19(12), 11.
Moores, D. F. (2005). The No Child Left Behind and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Acts: The Uneven Impact of Partially Funded Federal Mandates on Education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children. American Annals of the Deaf, 150(2), 75-80.
Raimondo, B. (2010). Deaf Children with Disabilities: Rights under the IDEA. Odyssey: New Directions in Deaf Education, 11(1), 10-14.
Zirkel, P. (2006). What does the Law Say? TEACHING Exceptional Children, 39(5), 65-67.
Zirkel, P. (2015). Special Education Law: Illustrative Basics and Nuances of Key IDEA Components. Teacher Education and Special Education: The Journal of the Teacher Education Division of the Council for Exceptional Children, 38(4), 263-75. doi:10.1177/0888406415575377
What is the IDEA?
According to special education law, any child is able to receive the IDEA protection if his / her disability falls under one or even more of 13 precise categories
This special education law has the major impact on public education systems and special education for deaf children.
The IDEA requires that public schools provide specialized services to all children with special needs (from birth to age 21)
What is the IEP?
What is the (NCLB) Act
Free Appropriate Public Education
Least Restrictive Environment
Appropriate Evaluation
Parent and Student Participation
Regina Howell Elementary School
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