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Copy of Retrieving info and following an argument

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Liz McEwen

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Retrieving info and following an argument

GCSE English Language Unit 1

Understanding and Producing Non-fiction Texts
Finding information and following an argument
Learning objectives:
To know how to select the right information to answer a question

To be able to read between the lines to understand a writer's thoughts and feelings

To practise answering Unit 1 Section A questions from a past paper
Remember: mind the G.A.P!
When you read any non-fiction text, you should try to work out its:

(what is it - an article, a webpage, an advert etc?)

(who is it for - adults, teenager, men, women etc?)

(why has it been written - to argue a point, to persuade etc?)

You’ll find it much easier to analyse language and presentational features once you’ve thought about these.
There are a range of forms for non-fiction including

* Information leaflets
* Newspaper or magazine articles
* Travel writing
* Biographies
* Company websites
* Advertisements and advertorials
* Film and book reviews

Any of these could appear on the exam paper
Once you know what
of text you are looking at, you need to know two more key details:

is the text aimed at (e.g. men or women, adult or youth)?

is the text trying to do (e.g. inform, persuade, argue or advise)?

You can work these details out by looking at the
presentational features
Task 1
Read Source 1 '
Jamie Oliver's school dinners...
' and write down the
at the top of the page.

Be prepared to explain your decision.
Foundation tier Section A : Reading
Questions 1

and 2
will be about
Source 1
and will ask you to
find information

Question 3
will be about
Source 2
and will ask you to
read between the lines and follow an argument

Question 3 will be about Source 3 and will ask you to look closely at the writer's use of language

Question 4 will be about two sources which you choose from the three you've been given and will ask you to compare how they use presentational features

Today we are looking at the skills needed for
Questions 1, 2

and 3
Task 2
Read question 1 on the exam paper and
highlight the key words
, so you know exactly what it is asking for.
You should have highlighted the following words:
four things
you learn about
school dinners in Greenwich?
Task 3

Using a highlighter, or underlining the text, identify
four things
that the writer
, then write them down in your answer booklet.
This question is about Source 2, '
Sponsor a girl today
'. Read the source and write the
on top of the page.
Question 3
Question 2

To answer this well you need to do two things:

Find the information
the question asks for.
2.Use a combination of
your own words and quotations
from the text to support your ideas.
Question 3 is worth
8 marks
, which means you need to give
more detail
in your answer.
It tests the same skills as question 2: your
of the text and ability to
use and explain quotations.
Read the question and underline the key words
Now highlight any parts of the text which tell you about reasons for sponsoring a girl.
Task 4
question 2
in your answer booklet.
Remember to
support your points with words from the text
'Jamie Oliver's school dinners'
There are
4 marks
available for this question. This means that you need to make
two or three separate points
, supporting them with
from the text, then

them in your own words
Task 4
Highlight parts of Source 2 that tell you
about Jamie's reaction to the research about his school dinners.
You should have underlined the words
What reasons
are given to
sponsor a girl
Use the highlighted text to help write an answer in your answer booklet.

Remember to
make a point
give some evidence
from the text and
explain what it suggests
to the reader.
For an
8 mark question
, you need to make
at least four points, supported by quotations
the mark scheme.

Where do you think your answers to questions 2 and 3 would fit in the mark scheme? The key words are:
Band 3:
'clear and relevant'
Band 2:
'some attempts'
Band 1:
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