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The Promotion of Physical Activity

No description

jerome pero

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of The Promotion of Physical Activity

What is FESI
The Promotion of Physical Activity
12 National Federations and 1 Special Grouping;
1.800 sporting goods manufacturers;
66 bln euro annual turnover in EU;
640.000 European Citizens employed;
FESI represents some 85 % of the European Sporting Goods Industry Market.
Networking & Partners
Physical activity task force within FESI
House of sport
"Sports Innovation incubator"
The European Platform for Sport
Innovation (EPSI)
Stimulate demands in sporting goods products & Stimulate supply
for sport / competitiveness

What are FESI objectives
EPSI is a membership-based networking organization
within Europe that focuses on innovation in the areas of physical activity related to sport, leisure and health. EPSI strives for a more innovation-friendly environment for the EU sports industry, in order to stimulate technological innovation and to set up businesses with a focus on innovative technology.
More information on:

13 November 2014
FESI as a Catalyst of Progress
Enhance participation levels in sport and physical activity throughout Europe
Promoting members initiative
European Parliament: Formal inter group on sport
European Commission: European week of sport
Council of the European Union: (draft) Conclusions on sport as a driver of innovation and economic growth
Members & Strategic Partners
What is Fesi doing in terms of promoting physical activity ?
FESI / EPSI remains very committed to help, coordinate and assist for the development of this strategically important work.
Alberto Bichi
Secretary-General FESI / Executive Director EPSI
Thank you!
Support research and innovation
in the SGI
The Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry is a Brussels based non-profit Federation
representing the interests of:
EasyIMP Project
A European research

aiming to develop new methodologies, tools and platforms for the design and production of
intelligent wearable products
as Meta-products that combine
wearable sensors embedded into garment with mobile and cloud computing.

Enhance the health dimension in the sporting goods sector
“Sport, as a driver of innovation and economic growth”
"Sport is an important economic sector in the EU with a share in the national economies which is comparable to agriculture, forestry and fisheries combined".
What makes sport a good driver for growth and a significant contributor to the EU Society ?
Source SpEA study August 2012 - FESI active contributor Based on Vilnius definition = statistical / narrow / Broad definition of sport
1. Gross value added generated by sports activities:
Including upstream & downstream industries and others industries not part of the supply chain such as Tourism, Construction, Media & Research and Innovation ;

Direct effect of Sport combined with its multipliers effects (indirect and induced) added up to € 294,36 bn of overall Gross Value Added in the EU
which means that it is close to 3% of total EU gross value added.

2. Employment generated by sports activities:

Direct employment
in upstream/sports/downstream industries is
4.5 millions
people representing 2.1 % of total EU workforce;
total employment
generated by sports activities is
7.3 million people
representing 3.5 % of total EU workforce.
Additional societal benefits from sport activities

2. Social:
Fostering social integration, social guidance and self motivation
relationships building between different races, genders, ages, social classes, people with disabilities, cultures, nationalities and religions.

3. Diplomacy:
Open understating for other society
Sport as a tool for development of peace;

4. Constructive emotional feelings:
Passion and emotion;
Creation of dreams
The "size" of the sport in all related industries
1. Health & well being:
Individual development;
Health promotion & disease prevention;
positively reduction of labor absenteeism;
Design to move
"Infinite application in many target market"
Outdoor activity and games
Personal training
Functional rehabilitation
Assisted living for the elderly and handicapped
EasyImp Partners
Sport as a driver for economic growth
Sport as a multifaceted sector
Health & well-being
Constructive emotional feeling
Urgent need for sport to strengthen its health dimension

Secretary General of FESI / Executive Director of EPSI
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