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How To Hire The Best Talents

No description

Mohamed Yasser

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of How To Hire The Best Talents

How To Hire The Best Talents
How To Hire The Best Talents
Find out Talents
Attract & Engage Talents
Hire Best Talents
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Step 1
Recruitment Channels & Target Talents
Step 2
Create the Perfect Job Posting and spread it
Step 3
Engage your Talents Network
Step 4
Step 5
How to evaluate during interview
Step 6
Interview Process
Attract Best Talents
Hire The Best
- Ability to Communicate with Hiring Managers or HR
Choose Best Channels
- Campus Booth
Identify Your Target
- Experience
- Head Hunt
- Internal Opening
- Ads
- Presentations
Attractive Job Posting
- Unique Job Title ( Director of First impression )
Ads Frequency
- Channels pool
- Company Description ( Competitive Advantage )
- Job Description & Requirements
- Call to Action
- Campaign Period
- Posts about the Organization ( Culture - History - Achievements - Events ).
- Ability to Communicate with other candidates.
How to Pickup the Best ?
Selection process
- Purpose
- Types of Selection Phases
- Process
- Definition
- Behavior Indicators
- Star Technique
Interviewing Skills

- Ice Breaking
- Ask in sequence
- Body Language
- Take Notes
- Take no impression
- Occupations
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