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Teach Like a Champion

No description

Karen Pena

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Teach Like a Champion

#8 Post It
Teach Like a Champion
Chapter 2
Meeting Your
#7 The 4 M's
#9 Shortest Path
#10 Double Plan
#6 Begin with the End

#11 Draw The Map
What will my
students understand today?
What will my students
do today?
Made First
Most Important
open inquiry
group work
multi-sensory activities
Point 1
Point 2
Point 3
Make space planning part of lesson planning
1. Progressing from unit planning to lesson planning.

2. Using a well framed objective to define the goal of each lesson.

3. Assessing your effectiveness in reaching your goal.

4. Deciding your activity.
#1 Start with the question:
"What do I want my students to know or be able to do by the end of the lesson?
#2 Methodically building in progression
from one lesson to the next - Effective
Unit planning.
1. Post your objectives in a consistant location.
2. Refer to them during class.
3. Benefits students and teachers as a focusing tool.
4. Directs visitors toward
the purpose of the day.
Criterion is MASTERY of the objective and what gets you there best and fast.
Plan your questions - memorize them before class.
What will students be doing while you are reviewing?
Change your pace
occasionally during
your lesson in order to
do a variety of things during a lesson
-write, reflect,
Physical Space
1. Walls are free of
clutter. Post important
information that
helps to achieve your
2. Post tools to help
students be independent
3. Post only Proficient or
advanced work that has
specific remarks.
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