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Initiating an International Blended Learning programme

No description

Gerard Downes

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Initiating an International Blended Learning programme

Example of Discussion Forum 'Flipping' The Classroom Procedures, Pitfalls and Opportunities

Research into programme viability: courses in Ireland; needs of 'development community'

Design of modules

Establishment of Course Design Team Procedures: Initial Stages Marketing Strategy: Targeting NGOs, international agencies e.g. UN personnel

Advertising: UN & related websites, Twitter, Facebook, Irish Aid, NGOs in Ireland & abroad

Recruitment of Students: professionals "detectives (data), translators (ideas), diplomats(mediation)" Strategies Transition from 'sage on the stage' to 'sage on the page'

Conventional means of modifying ambiguous or ironic statements via nuances not available online -

Time lag problems

Moderating rather than instructional role

Important to create tasks and exercises emphasising student collaboration and de-emphasise the traditional role of the instructor as the central figure in the pedagogical arena
Good teaching needs to “de-emphasise lecture and emphasise active problem-solving,”

Readings provided to students in advance of class

In-class discussion takes place via medium of GoToMeeting software Establishing an international blended learning programme at Master’s level Opportunities
Further internationalisation of student body: Students from Ethiopia, Ireland, Somalia, Italy, Tanzania, UK, Sudan, Cameroon, and Uganda

Possibility of creating cognate programmes?

Partnerships with NGOs, international agencies & institutions

PhD students

Exporting the programme at Certificate & Graduate Diploma levels? http://moodle.mic.ul.ie/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=2660
Discussion Forum Dev Theory & Practice Gerard Downes Sunday February 17th (opens Friday February 8th) 10%

Seminar Dev Ed Mags Liddy Week beginning Monday February 18th 5%

Discussion Forum Dev Theory & Practice Gerard Downes Sunday March 3rd (opens Friday February 22nd) 10%

Resource Review Dev Ed Mags Liddy Thursday March 14th 20%

Developing a Log Frame Project Management Una Murray Sunday March 24th 33%

Seminar Dev Ed Mags Liddy Week beginning Monday April 1st 5%

Presentation Environmental Health Niall Roche Wednesday April 10th to Friday April 12th 30%

Seminar Dev Ed Mags Liddy Week beginning Monday April 15th 5%

Project Appraisal Project Management Una Murray Sunday April 21st 33%

‘Wiki’ Collaborative Task Dev Theory & Practice Gerard Downes Sunday, April 8th (opens Friday, April 19th) 20%

Seminar Dev Ed Mags Liddy Week beginning Monday April 29th 5%

Essay Environmental Health Niall Roche Friday, May 3rd 70%

Essay Dev Theory & Practice Gerard Downes Friday May 10th 60%

Essay Dev Ed Mags Liddy Thursday May 16th 50%

Project Planning Exercise Project Management Una Murray Thursday May 23rd 33% Researching programme

Need to devise a course that:

Can increase access (international students)

Be innovative, flexible, participatory and student-centred.

Has the capacity and potential to engage students effectively, engender critical thinking and facilitate application of learning in practice.

Is aligned with the aims inherent in the college's Strategic Plan

Could be (at very least) self-financing First Semester:
Software Applications & Platforms used:

Camtasia Studio
Adobe Connect
Articulate Face-to-face tuition (Summer & Winter Schools)

On-line tuition

3-month placement programme

20,000 word dissertation Structure Theory and Practice of Development

Project Management for Development Practitioners

Environmental Health

Development Education for Development Practitioners Modules-Semester 1 Modules-Semester 2 Research Field Methods & Logistics

Agriculture and Sustainable Development

Financial Management for Development Practitioners

The Political Economy of Sustainable Development Blended Learning (BL)

Is BL approach appropriate?

Right blend of delivery methods to enhance learning?

Isolation of students

Will students take an active role in learning?

Technological knowledge and skills of lecturers/students?

Will students have sufficient broadband width / web access? Blended Learning? “The thoughtful fusion of face-to-face and online learning experiences. The basic principle is that face-to-face oral communication and written communication are optimally integrated such that the strengths of each are blended into a unique learning experience…” (Garrison & Vaughan, 2007 p.5 Epistemological shift in learning?
From behaviourist to cognitive learning approaches, constructivist learning and socially situated learning?

Active and participatory Pitfalls? Technical Difficulties, e.g. Moodle Technical Support

Personnel: Necessity of technical competence

Online involvement of tutors fundamental

Internal procedures Blended Learning Myths in literature Pitfalls? Need for Assignment Schedule Decision to adopt Blended Learning approach Composition of programme Recruitment of Students

Selection Process

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